WATCH: Florida Alligator Comes After Paddleboarding Woman During Dangerous Encounter

by Courtney Blackann

A woman’s paddleboard adventure had her pulse racing a little harder this week, though it wasn’t because the physical activity was too tough. In one of Florida’s blue lagoons, the woman came face to face with a giant alligator. Not only did the creature show an interest in her, it all but stalked her around the body of water.

Florida resident Vicky Reamy Baker was out in the afternoon heat in Silver Springs State Park, according to CBS4 Miami. She was enjoying her leisurely rowing when she spotted the giant creature. It came right up to her small boat.

Baker’s attempts to thwart the animal’s attention, only seem to make him more agitated.

Amazingly, Baker was able to capture the whole incident on video. Watch the incredible footage below.

In the unusual scene, Baker is heard asking the alligator why he keeps messing with her. She explains that the gator kept coming close to her paddleboard and at one point attempted to bite it. The giant reptile could be deadly if it attempted to pull Baker out of her watercraft.

However, the animal eventually swims away, leaving Baker safely intact. The close encounter could have been much, much worse.

Despite the danger she faced, Baker knew it most likely wasn’t the alligator’s fault.

“Someone has been feeding him and made him very dangerous. He was a big boy,” she said on her post.

Baker also went on to explain that, “I’ve never had a gator come after me like that before. Look how close he is to me. He came after me and tried to bite my paddleboard.”

When Alligators Attack

While most alligators are averse to interaction with humans, they do happen occasionally. This generally happens when an alligator encounters a human who is close to their nest or is interrupting breeding season. The attacks are few, but many can be deadly.

This is the case of an attack in New Orleans recently. Following the events of Hurricane Ida, a man was attacked by an alligator in the floodwaters.

The 71-year-old was checking flood levels in his shed when his wife heard something that sounded like splashing.

However, when she went to go check on her husband, he was missing an arm as an alligator attempted to force him into a death roll. Not knowing exactly what to do, the man’s wife left for help. But when she returned, her husband was missing.

Officials presumed the local man dead.

The man was later identified as Timothy Satterlee Sr. He was a beacon in his community and his friends will remember him fondly.

“It’s such a devastating loss for our community,” said friend Robert Bywater. “People either knew him by name or by face.”