WATCH: Florida Man Chases Black Bear Out of His Garage After Fridge Raid

by Lauren Boisvert

Florida Man is at it again, this time running a black bear out of his garage. Jason Mickel of Sanford, FL shared a video with local station Fox 35 of a black bear rummaging through his garage fridge on Saturday, July 9.

“Going through my fridge I see, aren’t you?” he asks the bear. The bear leaves the fridge, but he doesn’t look ashamed of himself. He takes some food off the ground and saunters into the yard, away from Mickel’s garage. Next, the video shows the big bear in someone’s yard munching away on whatever snack he stole.

Mickel shared in a Facebook post to Fox 35 that he followed the bear around the neighborhood in his car, before the animal eventually returned to the woods.

It’s important to lock up your food if you live in an area with a large bear population. These animals will return to a place where they once found food. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, “Bears are opportunistic feeders and will remember where to find easy food and return to the location. If they continue to gain access to human provided foods (e.g., garbage, pet food, bird seed) they can be become food conditioned and habituated.”

Eventually, a bear who returns frequently to a neighborhood or highly populated area in search of food will become a nuisance animal and could pose as a danger to humans. Most likely, wildlife officials will euthanize the animal. To prevent that from happening, secure all outdoor fridges and trash receptacles. Also, “Remember ‘A fed bear is a dead bear,'” says the FWC. “If a bear is seen in your yard, reinforce their natural fear of humans by making loud noises from a secure location (e.g., yelling, using car or air horns, or banging pots and pans together).”

Photographer Captures Images of Rare White Grizzly Bear in Canada

While in Yoho National Park, photographer Noel Rodgers caught sight of a white grizzly bear lumbering among the evergreens. Rodgers took photos and video, which has since gone viral for it’s spectacular view of the rare animal.

Nakoda is this bear’s name, the famous white grizzly of Yoho National Park. The clip is only 45 seconds, but it perfectly captures Nakoda’s beauty and rarity. The animal comes out from behind the trees suddenly, going about her business, not paying Rodgers much mind.

In a later interview with CTV News Calgary, Rodgers recounted the encounter. “I didn’t know it was a bear at first,” he admitted. “I thought it was a mountain goat.” Rodgers shared that when he saw Nakoda, he didn’t feel any fear in her presence. “She was staring right at me. She looked healthy. We stared at each other for a good 10-15 seconds. I started talking to her a little,” he said.

“We spent about five minutes together and I was in complete awe of her,” he shared later via email. “She is so beautiful and was so peaceful.”