WATCH: Giant Alligator Found Dead in NOLA Dumpster Post-Hurricane Ida, Residents Dumbfounded

by Jon D. B.

“There’s a gator in the garbage,” decrees Naomi Gadinsky, the NOLA Perrier Street resident who’s husband found the enormous alligator carcass in a rented dumpster.

Gadinsky says she woke up and the day was “business as usual.” That is, until her spouse told her the dead body of a truly gargantuan gator was in the dumpster across from their front porch.

“My husband said there’s a large dead gator in the dumpster across the street from our house,” she states plainly. To say this is abnormal for their sleepy little Uptown street is an understatement. Yet their neighborhood at Perrier and Upperline is in disarray. Hurricane Ida’s fallout has debris lining every yard. Fences lie in splinters. Roofs leak amidst tarp coverage. Trees are toppled. And there’s a gator in the garbage.

“Normally this is a gator-free zone,” she tells local KLFY. “So this is pretty gross.”

Gross, indeed. The outlet’s footage shows flies swarming the alligator carcass. It’s girthy tail and claws hang over the edge, an indication of the beast’s sheer size. This is at least a 10-foot specimen, if not larger.

Gadinsky would like to know how said gator wound up in their residential clean-up. Was a gator roaming the streets in Ida’s wake? Did someone shoot and kill the behemoth, then leave it to rot? Perhaps a fishing or hunting trip gone awry?

Regardless, she would really like to see it’s removal. The dumpster is meant to help residents with their garbage bags of debris from the hurricane. Countless black mounds pepper their neighborhood amidst ongoing cleanup.

“To me it seems hazardous,” Naomi continues. “I would hate for someone’s kid to get sick or someone’s dog to start eating the dead tail.”

Both a hazard – and a true waste – indeed.

‘Only in New Orleans’: Dumpster Alligator Rots Sans Alibi

Naomi is far from alone in her disbelief. Fellow Uptown residents are calling for the removal of the carcass, including Alexis Elliott.

“I think it should be removed from the dumpster,” she tells the outlet. “It is attracting a lot of bugs.”

And the question remains: Whose responsibility is it to remove the dead gator? KLFY reports that rental company Demo Diva owns the dumpster. They’re even in contact with the owner of Demo Diva, Simone Bruni. Bruni’s response?

Her company is unaware of the gator at present. “But the gator will be taken to the landfill with all the other garbage and debris in the dumpster.”

“Only in New Orleans,” Alexis Elliott says. “I never thought there would be a gator in an Uptown dumpster.”

“I’m very confused about the logistics of how this poor gator arrived in a dumpster,” Naomi Gadinsky echoes. “Oh my god, the foot! I didn’t even see that before. So gross,” she guffaws with another look.

By the look of it, these Uptown residents might want to ask Demo Diva to expedite their dumpster removal before nature’s hard decomposition takes hold of the alligator.

The sight comes mere days after an alligator took the life of a 71-year-old NOLA resident during Hurricane Ida.