WATCH: Gigantic Lake Lanier Party Causes Scary Dock Collapse on Fourth of July

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images)

“Only at Lake Lanier…” Watch as this raucous Fourth of July party sends one of the infamous lake’s docks crashing into the water – taking partygoers with it.

“Someone really needs to write the horror movie about Lake Lanier.” These are the words of one Twitter user after watching this insane footage.

Courtesy of Everything Georgia, the internet can now bear witness to, as one near-victim puts it, “The ****ing Titanic” of Independence Day celebrations.

“It was cool at first,” said partygoer begins her now-viral account. ‘Then it’s the f***ing Titanic! People are falling over, I’m panicking,” the unnamed woman continues. Unreal.

Within, Celine Dion’s infamous theme from the 1997 film plays over the footage as a Lake Lanier double-decker dock begins to collapse. Thankfully the roof holds, but this doesn’t stop the massive structure from tipping until it begins throwing people into the waters below.

Amid screams of panic, dozens of Fourth of July partiers hit the deck, literally. The dock continues to sway amidst their massive lapse of common-sense – as this structure is clearly far beyond capacity. Watch the insanity commence for yourself below:

“People think Friday the 13th movies are so unrealistic because nobody would keep going back after so many people… Then you see Lake Lanier trending,” replies Jamie to Everything Georgia‘s tweet.

“All the s*** that happens on that lake is 100% human error and stupidity,” responds Paul, a local Georgian. “I’m out there every weekend and have been for years with no issue! Why… Because I’m not stupid! This doesn’t happen if the dock isn’t over capacity, they’re lucky the roof didn’t cave.”

That they are.

Lake Lanier Sees ‘Jump’ in Injuries & Incidents for 2021 Fourth of July

While no reports of injuries have surfaced from this event, Gainesville’s The Times does cite “a jump in boating incidents, BUIs and injuries compared to 2020, with five people being transferred to hospitals, according to data released July 6 by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.”

Over the holiday weekend, Gainesville, Georgia (not to be confused with the also-raucous Florida city) saw eight BUIs, seven boating incidents and five injuries, The Times adds.

As for the entire state of Georgia, their Department of Natural Resources reports two tragic drownings from the Independence Day weekend. 28 BUIs also took place, alongside nine boating incidents with eight injuries. No boating fatalities took place over the 2021 Fourth holiday.

As far as we know, none of the above comes in relation to the Lake Lanier incident. A fortunate surprise, to be certain.

All of this stands in contrast to three drownings this time last year (2020). Almost half the BUIs took place at 15, and a fraction of boating incidents and injuries at two. There was one boating fatality in 2020 for Fourth of July, however.