WATCH: Great White Shark Gives Off Chilling ‘Jaws’ Vibes Circling Coast Guard Boat for Several Minutes

by Kati Michelle

Sharks often get a bad rep as vicious man-eating beasts. Maybe this is because of all those stories that involve them, well, eating men and being beasts… August 19th actually marked the anniversary of the worst shark attack ever recorded. It involved the peril of 150 sailors aboard the USS Indianapolis.

The West Coast isn’t immune to their presence either. In a new video surfacing on the internet, chilling footage shows a Great White Shark circling a coast guard boat for several minutes recreating that one shark movie everyone knows about. This particular coast guard station finds itself off of Oregon on the West Coast.

Shark Perfectly Recreates ‘Jaws’ Scene

Mirroring the exact same species of terror from “Jaws,” the Great White that circled the coast guard boat also copied its iconic behavioral pattern. Appearing between 10 and 12 feet long, the shark stayed around the boat for several minutes, circling it in a rather intimidating fashion. Inverse goes into the details and science behind why sharks actually take part in the circling behavior.

Turns out, the behavior depends on the type of shark. The intentions behind the behavior also really vary from simple, innocent curiosity of the shark to bloodthirsty serial killer hunter instincts. In some shark species, it is also related to courtship. The Coast Guard chose to view the shark encounter as a curious one, as they describe across their various social media platform.

The Coast Guard’s Reaction

The Coos Bay Station Coast Guard shared two videos of the precarious incident with the public. The first had a lengthy caption.

“Yesterday, during a transit to Bandon, the crew was lucky enough to be visited by what appeared to be a 10’-12’ Great White Shark about 2 miles off the coast. This was the first time any of our crew members had witnessed something this spectacular in real life, and certainly something they will never forget!”

Approximately 5 hours later, they responded to the overwhelming influx of comments and reactions with more footage. The second post’s caption talked about how rare this captured moment truly was.

“More footage of our friendly visitor! The crew and the shark may have been equally interested in eachother. We were lucky enough to be able to spend about 10 minutes admiring the presence of this amazing creature approximately 2 miles off the coast of Bandon, OR.”

Also recently, an 11-year-old girl found herself in the midst of a deadly predator. She was boogie boarding in South Carolina’s waters when she saw the hint of a gray fin. The same beach hosted a shark attack nearby not too long ago. In fact, a 12 year old girl is still recovering after receiving 42 stitches in the aftermath of a suspected shark bite.