WATCH: Great White Shark Gets Stuck Inside Diver’s Cage in Nightmare-Inducing Video

by Anna Dunn

A new fear-inducing video shows a Great White Shark getting stuck inside a Diver’s cage. In a terrifying tiktok video taken from a boat, the great white frantically flops around in the cage. The boat crew works fast to open the cage from the top, and the Great White jumps out.

Then, the crew begins to wonder if someone was in there. Turns out, a diver was in the cage when the massive creature got stuck. Thankfully, the diver seemed just fine, if not a bit rattled when he finally surfaced.

The incredibly close call, like many shark encounters, didn’t end in tragedy. But that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be a nightmare worthy experience. It’s not the only video of an encounter with a shark that’s been posted online recently.

A Separates Shocking Video Shows a Shark Swimming up to a Girl on a South Carolina Beach

Shark encounters are particularly noticeable in the summer season when people flock to beaches and go on tropical vacations. In a recent video, a shark swam right up to an 11-year old girl spending her summer on a South Carolina beach.

Sara Oister was enjoying her time playing in the ocean when she noticed the telltale sign of a fin in the water. She escaped in the nick of time. The video shows just how close she got.

“Even though I know we’re in their habitat, I didn’t think I was going into that day thinking I was going to be right next to a shark,” the girl told ABC 6.

Her mother was taking a video of Sara playing in the water. She didn’t see the fin in the water until Sara told her about the close encounter.

“I was taking video of her, and all of a sudden, she starts running out of water,” her mother Nicole told the outlet. “She said she saw a fin coming up out of the water towards her… I looked back on the video to see if I had captured it, I did.

Some Interesting Facts

While sharks definitely pose an occasional danger to swimmers, they’re also widely misunderstood. According to Oceana, sharks don’t hunt humans. The majority of attacks are either mistakes due to poor visibility in the water or inquisitive bites. Sharks don’t have hands, so they use their mouth to feel things out. This is why there are far more bites than deaths.

Sharks also play a vital role in keeping the marine ecosystem functioning. While some believe sharks only inhabit certain waters, the fish actually inhabit every ocean in the world. Some sharks can even be found in freshwater lakes and rivers.

Millions of sharks are killed each year for their fins, but their fins provide little to no nutritional value, and may in fact carry dangerous levels of mercury.

Finally, sharks are incredibly diverse in species. The fascinating creatures range in over 500 different species each with different diets, behaviors, and needs. Only three of the 500 shark species are responsible for the majority of bites (Tiger, Bull, and White)

Still, if you see a shark in the water, it’s best to keep your distance.