WATCH: Guy in Tighty Whities Goes Toe-to-Toe With Hurricane Ida Blasting Heavy Metal While Waving American Flag

by John Jamison

The rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air, the winds of Hurricane Ida be dared, heavy metal he blared.

They gave proofnot quite through the nightthat the flag was certainly still there for the Louisiana man who stared down Hurricane Ida in nothing but his underwear.

Indeed, Old Glory made up 95% of the fabric present in a Twitter video that captured a tight white-wearing patriot flying the American flag in the face of Category 4 winds brought on by Hurricane Ida. Heavy metal, perhaps the only appropriate choice for the situation, screamed over the video.

It should go without saying that standing in the middle of the street during a devastating hurricane is incredibly dangerous. That being said, this guy held up surprisingly well. Thankfully, he managed to keep hold of the flag the entire time. And until the end, he stood strong against the wind. Of course, all it would have taken is a branch or a small piece of debris to ruin his day.

The underwear-clad, flag-waving daredevil took a page out of Lane Pittman’s book. Pittman is the gold standard of the flag-waving hurricane men. The Florida native gained national attention after attempting to defeat Hurricane Matthew with the powers of metal and patriotism combined. He continued his service in the face of four more hurricanes. But he let the tighty whities guy pick up the torch for Hurricane Ida.

“I wasn’t able to make it out to #Ida but I’m glad this guy picked up Old Glory and rocked it,” Pittman wrote in the tweet.

It seems Lane Pittman has inspired folks with his numerous hurricane bouts over the years. But underwear man is far from the only person trying to make difference as Ida pushes through the Gulf Coast into Tennessee.

‘Operation Barbeque Relief’ Combats Hurricane Ida With the Power of Food

The tighty whities man’s weapons of choice were an American flag and heavy metal. For two pitmasters from Missouri, barbeque is the answer.

Jennifer Shea of Outsider broke down the response of Operation Barbeque Relief founders Jeff Hays and Jeff Stith. The pair were competitive pitmasters who had their lives turned upside down by a Joplin tornado.

“Our perspective on life was a little bit changed after that [tornado]. Knowing that for 15 minutes or so that a pulled pork sandwich gave them a little bit of normalcy is not something that any of us had some grand idea would happen. But we realized that it’s something that is so needed. Not just in Joplin but after every disaster,” Hays told KMOV4.

Support like this has and will continue to provide invaluable support to the victims and first responders on the front lines with Ida.