WATCH: Heartbreaking Footage of Hurricane Ida Aftermath Shows LaPlace Completely Flooded

by Megan Molseed

It’s is a reminder of the devastation our nation witnessed sixteen years ago when Hurricane Katrina tore through parts of the US. The destruction left behind by the weekend’s Hurricane Ida has left many people homeless as the high winds tore apart buildings and homes. It wasn’t long before floodwaters overtook entire neighborhoods.

For days, officials had been predicting the storm to make landfall, and the destruction to be catastrophic. As Hurricane Ida made landfall Sunday, it soon became clear that the destruction Ida would leave in its wake was just as bad as officials had warned.

The aftermath that Hurricane Ida left behind has gripped the nation as the storm subsides. Along with the many updates, one Louisiana town’s destruction has caught the attention of many.

Louisiana City Sees Devestating Floods

LaPlace Louisiana sits nestled in between New Orleans and the Louisiana state capital of Baton Rouge. Tucked in between the two southern urban areas, LaPlace doesn’t usually get the full force of storms such as these.

However, LaPlace residents would soon find out, Hurricane Ida wasn’t a usual storm.

As Ida moved upon the Lousiana town, the people of LaPlace soon realized the predicament they were in. Unprecedented rains, high winds, flooding, and destruction soon pummeled the city.

And, as day breaks upon the devastated city, multiple videos depicting the devastating flooding and damage experienced by LaPlace have begun to surface on social media.

Hurricane Ida Leaves Behind Devestating Damage

One eleven-second video posted on Twitter depicts the unrelenting waters that have taken over the Louisiana town. Water as far as the eye can see, the video shows LaPlace nearly completely engulfed underwater. Additionally, highways and street signs barely sticking out above the currents; traffic lights are overtaken by the floods.

“Major Storm Surge flooding in Laplace, LA. From Hurricane #Ida #HurricaneIda,” wrote the recent Twitter post.

Other posts depicted videos of the storm showing the relentless winds. The winds blow the flooding waters with the 115 miles per hour winds. The streets of LaPlace turning into raging rivers.

The videos show the traffic lights as they sway in the storm, looking as if they may snap right off into the currents that have taken over the roads.

“The powerful winds and flooding from Hurricane Ida are very evident in this footage from La Place, Louisiana,” noted the Weather Nation Twitter post on Sunday evening. “The sound of the wind is terrifying! #LAwx

By the time Ida reached the Louisiana city, the devastating storm had been downgraded to a Category 3 storm. However, this didn’t slow down the storm’s devastation as Hurricane Ida still brought with it deadly conditions and tragic flooding.

It is yet to be determined the full extent of damage Ida has left behind. Many Louisiana residents are still left without power or phone service; as they begin to come back from the devastating Hurricane.