WATCH: Hero Bystanders Rescue Fawn from Raging Canal

by Jon D. B.

Talk about one hell of a rescue! This Utah family leapt into action to save this little fawn from drowning in a raging public canal.

We never know how these events begin, but thankfully there are still plenty of Good Samaritan Outsiders left in the world! As this footage, shot by Rachel Kunz of Utah, clearly shows – this fawn somehow fell into the fast-moving waters of a public canal.

Local KSL 5 TV says the waterway rests near the Equestrian Park in North Ogden. There are no safety guards to prevent wildlife from falling in – nor us humans, for that matter. Surely, this little fawn would’ve met death by drowning if this quick-on-their-feet family hadn’t spotted the horrible sight.

Kunz was on hand to film their rescue, and sent it along to KSL 5 TV. Watch the harrowing rescue for yourself below, and join us in thanking this fantastic family for their fawn rescue. True Outsiders, right here!

RESCUE: A fawn was in danger as it struggled to remove itself from the canal near the Equestrian Park in North Ogden. Thankfully, a bystander saw the fawn fighting the current and pulled the baby deer from the water just in time.(Video: Rachel Kunz)


Utah Thanks Good Samaritans for Daring Fawn Rescue

Over on the station’s Facebook post, citizens are heaping praise on the Good Samaritans that dashed to this wild baby’s rescue.

“God bless you! I’m sure you were already, but you will forever be a hero in your daughter’s eyes. Her screaming for the fawn… broke my heart. You and your wife are a good team!” replies Facebook user Bonnie R. to the heroic footage.

“There are still heroes out there!! Thanks to all that show so much love to all of our earthly friends!! Especially since we just continue to invade their space and take away their homes!!” echoes Joshua D.

Travis R. adds: “Thank god someone decide to act not film on their phone!! Horrific how many people will film death and cry instead of making an attempt and saving a life.”

To this end, some locals are calling for the city to “Put a fence around that death trap!!”

“How many other wild animals haven’t made it out. Just imagine a kid falling in,” comments Ed W.

This canal does look to pose a clear and present danger to any passing wildlife and/or unwary humans. The fawn’s slick, delicate hooves would’ve never been able to pull it from the raging water. As Ed W. says… Imagine a kid falling in, indeed! They’d stand much the same chance, unfortunately.

While we don’t have a clear I.D. on the rescuer, Facebook users believe him to be the husband of Rachel Kunz, the woman who filmed the rescue. Well done if so, Mr. Kunz. You couldn’t have grabbed that poor baby fawn’s ear at a better moment!