WATCH: Hippopotamus Shocks Passengers as it Rapidly Pursues Boat in Intense Video

by Will Shepard

There are a lot of crazy animal experiences all over the world. In Africa, there are so many close encounters with the animal kingdom. While many of them are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to get up close and personal, others are terrifying. A group of people had a scary encounter with a hippopotamus recently.

On Friday, May 28, a group of friends were traveling through Lake Victoria in Kenya, Africa. What seems like out of nowhere, the group comes up on the massive mammals.

Dicken Muchena was out with three of his friends in a speed boat. The group of tourists was on a sightseeing trip to find and observe hippopotami. The trip was a success on some level. After touring the lake, they were able to find the animals.

However, it turned into a scary encounter with one hippopotamus. An angry or hungry individual began to swim after their boat at full speed.

The big animal didn’t like that the boat was near it and began hurtling towards them. The hippo started to chase them, surfacing almost like a dolphin in its pursuit of the boat. One of the people in the group was able to shoot a video of the beast.

During the video, it shows the gigantic mammal surging in and out of the water with ease. Even though the group of friends may have been enjoying the spectacle, they were certainly afraid.

The video taken shows the hippopotamus rearing out of the water to breathe. But, it is doing so gracefully while maintaining a remarkable pace.

Being Chased Down by a Massive Hippopotamus in Lake Victoria, Kenya

After the experience, Dicken talked about the incident per the Mirror. He said, “We knew that the area was a harbor for hippos, and we wanted to set out to try and get some photos of them.”

He continued to explain the scary phenomenon that they all got to experience.

“Knowing full well that they are killer animals, we gave them a wide path and avoided getting too close. There were at least six hippos in that area and many others on various other parts of the lake.”

Dicken continued to explain what it was like to have a hippopotamus chasing them down. He said, “However, as we were leaving, a huge, agitated hippo appeared from nowhere and charged at us, seemingly with savage motives.”

Having one of these animals get aggressive towards humans is not a common experience. In the interview, Dicken explained that they were shocked that it was chasing them.

“It was lucky we were in a speedboat,” Dicken recalled of the experience. “After being charged for at least four minutes, we could no longer see the animal trails, and we rushed to safety on shore. It was a narrow escape.”

All in all, they were lucky to make it out alive. As you can see in the video, the hippopotamus is an incredible specimen. It is also incredibly upset at the group’s presence in its territory.

Also, as Dicken mentioned, these mammals are incredibly dangerous. They are considered to be one of the most deadly mammals and kill, on average, 500 people per year in Africa alone.