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Watch: Hunter Puts Down Charging Moose Inches Before Being Gored

by Evan Reier
(Photo by Patrick Pleul/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Sometimes, the difference between a really great moose hunting day and a terrible moose hunting day is separated by inches. Not to mention that the inch difference can also determine life and death, potentially.

That’s what one hunter found out in Sweden. In a recent video uploaded to channel Svensk Jakt, a hunter cuts it extremely close as he attempts to bring down a large moose while on a hunt.

With a mere moment and a few feet between an angry and wounded moose, the man is able to land a final shot to get the thing down. That being said, the heart attack he suffers due to potentially getting gored is clear. The hunter can barely believe it.

Breaking Down the Moose Video

Okay, let’s address some of the stuff that goes wrong in the video. Mostly because there is a lot that goes wrong.

Things open up poorly for the Swedish hunter, although the initial arrival of the moose alone is a positive. It’s an impressive one to say the least, but the man doesn’t exactly make the most of the situation.

Despite the animal getting into a pretty opportune spot for a great shot, the hunter misses. We’ve all been there, right? The only problem is that by missing the moose from that close of a range puts the man in pretty serious danger.

The moose, obviously on high-alert and in fight-or-flight mode, begins searching for the Swede. It doesn’t take a direct path at the hunter, and realizes the situation just a bit too late.

He doesn’t miss with the second shot from point-blank range, hitting the moose directly in the side, but not enough to immediately stop it. The animal then makes the last-ditch effort to attack the hunter, but by luck or composure, the hunter is able to fire a shot dead on and bring it down, just feet before the moose reaches him.

Close calls make for good stories at the bar. But we’ll go ahead and assume the man wished it was a little less close on this one.