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WATCH: Shooter’s Giant Recoil Will Make Any Seasoned Hunter Laugh

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit Daniel Grill via Getty Images)

It doesn’t matter how well you explain something, some people have to have a hands-on education. Barstool Outdoors shared a video of a potential hunter getting a lesson in what not to do in a recent tweet. In the world of shooting fails, this guy ranks pretty high.

In the video, a man is sitting at a table, holding a rifle, and doing just about everything wrong. Before he ever pulls the trigger you know he’s in for a bad time. The fact that they are recording him shooting probably means that his buddies saw this fail coming. What are friends for, right?

Like many other shooting fail videos, this guy does it all wrong from the start. He is somehow too tense and too relaxed at the same time. His whole demeanor says this might be the first time he’s fired a rifle.

Firstly, it looks like he didn’t properly brace the rifle. Then, you take into account how far back he’s sitting on the bench. That’s a recipe for a fail even without shooting. Finally, the cherry on top is that it looks like the report of the rifle scares him. He kicks his feet like he’s trying to get away from the noise. The table gives him a hand in that department.

We know that hunting and firearms are serious business but we can’t help laughing at shooting fails like this. Luckily, there are tons of them online to watch when we need a chuckle.

Some of the Best Shooting Fail Videos

The most important thing about shooting fail videos is that no one gets hurt. As long as nobody has extra holes in them at the end of the video, we’re fine to point and laugh. Some of the funniest ones come from shooting competitions. They’re safe and regulated environments, so nine times out of ten, any failure is just going to be funny.

Big compilation videos of gun fails are a great way to kill a few minutes during your lunch break or when you need a few chuckles throughout the day. This one has it all. From accidental discharges to dropped magazines and dropped guns, these guys fail in just about every way possible.

Remember your firearm safety and proper handling. The last thing you want is to end up in one of these shooting fail compilations.