WATCH: Hurricane Ida Rips Roof Off of Lady of the Sea Hospital in Louisiana

by Jon D. B.

In the latest startling footage from Hurricane Ida, one Louisiana resident captures winds turning the hospital roof into whirling debris.

“NEW VIDEO: Roof of Lady of the Sea Hospital in Galliano, Louisiana ripped off during second landfall of #HurricaneIda,” tweets Shawn Reynolds Sunday afternoon.

The video, which was sent to NBC News by Magen Cheramie, shows the startling moment the Lady of the Sea Hospital’s roof gives way to the brute-force winds. The filming party can be heard screaming as the roof gives way, breaking apart into debris. See for yourself below via Twitter:

“Oh my God! Y’all, look!” someone shouts during the intense sight.

The sounds of the footage alone are enough to send chills up the spine. With constant winds in excess of 150 mph, Hurricane Ida has become a horrific monster of a storm in the course of a single day.

Structural Damage from Hurricane Ida to be ‘Indescribable’

While the videos pouring in from Ida’s wrath are incredible to see, they serve as a stark reminder of the destruction and death such storms bring. In another video from Sunday, the enormous tin roof is ripped clean off a brick structure as Houma, Louisiana resident Khudro Maush watches in horror.

“Oh my god… The roof of a house flew in front of my eyes,” tweets Manush Sunday. “This video from #Houma. Stay safe all.”

Watch here as Hurricane Ida, powerful enough to reverse the flow of the Mississippi River, takes the roof straight off the house – sending it hurling in the sky.

“It’s getting close, so we’re gonna take shelter,” Manush begins within. Then, we watch it happen just as he did.

“Oh that roof is coming – Holy s***!” he yells. The brute-force winds of Hurricane Ina then send the tin roof sailing like a sheet of paper. The force of the wind alone crumbles it in on itself, before it folds completely, and with ease, in front of a flailing tree.

“Yeah, that’s about it right there, folks,” he grunts, his tone clearly changing. Telephone poles snap in two around him, and viewers cannot help but fear for Maush’s safety.

Please be safe out there, fellow Outsiders. As footage like this rolls in, the damage from Hurricane Ina’s destructive winds, flooding, and everything in between is to be ‘indescribable,’ Louisiana officials say.

French Quarter Hit Hard Once Again

CBS News is also citing that part of The French Quarter’s historic roofs are now on the street near the intersection of Decatur and Toulouse.

Hurricane Ida’s landfall comes on the 16th anniversary of the horrific Hurricane Katrina. Currently, Governor John Bell Edwards says there are around 1,500 people sheltered in 23 emergency shelters throughout Louisiana. This number is only to increase.

“This is a major, major storm that’s going to test us in ways that we’ve not been tested before, for a lot of reasons,” Edwards says Sunday.