WATCH: Hurricane Ida Tears Roof Off of Louisiana House in Terrifying Video

by Jon D. B.

It’s as intense as it sounds. Watch as Hurricane Ida, powerful enough to reverse the flow of the Mississippi River, takes a roof straight off a house.

It happens right before him. We see it as Khudro Maush sees it.

“Oh my god… The roof of a house flew in front of my eyes,” tweets Manush Sunday. Of his startling footage, the Houma, Louisiana resident says “This video from #Houma. Stay safe all.”

As the 150 mph winds of Hurricane Ida rage on, Manush notes the telephone poles beginning to lean as he films. “It’s getting close, so we’re gonna take shelter,” he says. Then it happens.

“Oh that roof is coming – Holy s***!” he shouts. Ina’s brute-force winds then send the tin roof sailing like a flimsy toy down the block. It tumbles on, folding with ease as the storm rages.

“Yeah, that’s about it right there, folks,” he grunts, his tone clearly changing. As he pans around, telephone poles are now snapping in two as the former roof folds in front of a flailing tree.

“That’s not safe, I don’t think,” he whispers, his nearly gone from the sight.

It’s a common one in hurricanes, and Ida is ravaging Manush’s home state Sunday.

Hurricane Ida ‘Is Unsurvivable’ says Jefferson Parish President

As his footage clearly shows, the Category 4 storm – still possibly a Category 5 before the end – is one Louisiana residents need to be taking as seriously as possible.

“I want to reiterate, the storm surge that we are expecting is unsurvivable,” Jefferson Parish President Cynthia Lee Sheng tells citizens of Hurricane Ida.

Sheng’s parish resides in Louisiana’s Gulf Coast, and she’s doing all she can to urge residents like Khudro Maush to evacuate or take immediate shelter.

“You have time to get out,” Sheng said to residents early Sunday morning as part of a news conference. “Especially in those areas where there is a mandatory evacuation. We need you to leave immediately.”

But now, as Hurricane Ida becomes strong enough to reverse the flow of the Mississippi river and send houses tumbling down the street, all we can do is hope it’s not too late for those left behind. The terrible storm rose to a Category 3 – then Category 4 – in Sunday morning alone.

Winds are holding at over 150 miles per hour currently. As people flee the state, roads are clogging up for miles upon miles.

In addition, tornadoes are beginning to form in the atmosphere around Ida. Further reports from CNN cite the fellow-deadly phenomenons will follow the hurricane’s wrath as she moves inland. Tornado watches are currently in effect for Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.

“Hurricanes and tropical storms that make landfall in the Gulf of Mexico are more likely to produce tornadoes compared to storms in the Atlantic,” explains CNN meteorologist Brandon Miller. He adds that the tornado watches and warnings are as important as Hurricane Ida itself because they’re not limited to the coastline.

Please be safe out there, fellow Outsiders, and do all you can to evacuate or shelter as quickly as possible.