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Watch: Hysterical Clip Shows Squirrel Getting Drunk Eating Fermented Pears

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

A squirrel got completely plastered after eating some fermented pears. In a now-viral video, the furry little creature could barely hold its head straight afterward.

In the video, the squirrel stood on a little picnic table in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota. The squirrel swayed back and forth as if it’s been hoarding bottles of Jack Daniels instead of nuts for winter. The animal attempted to eat from a squirrel feeder with corn and seeds. But the little creature must have been seeing double because it struggled to focus on its snack.

(Click here to view the video of the squirrel).

The Squirrel Ate Fermented Pears

Kathleen Morlok filmed the encounter outside of her house. She told the Daily Mail that the woodland creature may have gotten into some bad pears. When cleaning out her refrigerator, Morlok discovered an old bag of the fruit in a bottom drawer. She decided to feed some of it to her pet pig Hamlet.

“I found a very old bag of pears in the bottom. Instead of throwing them away, I threw two onto our deck for Hamlet,” Morlok told the outlet. She later discovered that the pig only ate one of the pears. “I did not realize that he left one under the table outside until I saw the little red squirrel happily grab the whole thing and run away with it into the tree.”

She decided to let the creature have the rest of the fruit. But when it returned later that afternoon, it “seemed very off.”

“He kept leaning back while eating. That is when it occurred to me that the pears must have fermented in the bottom of the fridge,” Morlok said. Fermentation is the natural process where a fruit’s glucose, fructose, and sucrose changes into alcohol.

“Poor little guy. I threw away the rest of the pears and the food you see him eating in the bowl is seeds and corn. I was so worried about him all night!” Morlock said. She confirmed the squirrel returned to normal. “He is back to his normal self and is back at the feeder daily.”

But it is currently unclear if the squirrel drunk-dialed their ex or not.