WATCH: This Jaw-Dropping Privately-Owned Collection of Whitetail Deer Mounts is a Masterpiece

by Kayla Zadel

We’ve seen mounted collections before, but this whitetail deer mounted collection is quite the assortment.

This Ohio man has an antler collection that’s known as the North American Monster Whitetail Collection. Keith Snider, the collector, shows off his whitetail deer mounts in an episode of Whitetail Cribs on the Exodus Trail Camera Youtube channel.

Snider says that he’s been collecting deer since he was 13-years-old and that he believes he has some of the biggest bucks to ever walk the earth. Snider’s collection includes the Illinois Roadkill buck, the Arkansas state record, a replica of the Jordan buck, the largest buck ever shot by a woman and so much more.

More on Snider’s Whitetail Deer Collection

The Ohio collector takes the film crew downstairs to Snider’s collector’s cave. Whitetail deer mounts line the walls of his basement. Additionally, Snider has antlers hanging up on pillars and sitting around various places in his basement.

Snider talks about some of his favorite heads, which includes the 1965 Illinois roadkill. The deer is well known to many people and he also says that he’s one of the biggest whitetails to ever live.

“The horns are made of marble almost,” Snider explains that it has to do with the age of the deer. “This is the deer than I wanted since was 10-years-old.”

Another one of his favorite is a deer that was a cover-model on a North American whitetail magazine.

Snider didn’t kill all of the deers in his collection. He shows off one that came from Maine and held the state record at the time. The 25-minute video goes onto to show off the rest of Snider’s collection and the story about each antler.

To echo one of the commenters, we’re not sure if we’re more impressed with Snider’s collection or his memory of each mount. Regardless, hats off to you Mr. Snider!