WATCH: Jellyfish Swims in Flooded Texas Yard After Hurricane Nicholas Makes Landfall

by Jon D. B.

“Menacing!” On the heels of Ida, Hurricane Nicholas is wreaking havoc on land and sea – combining the two to the point where this Texan found a jellyfish swimming in his backyard.

Yes, really. Of all the wild things we Outsiders see, I think it is safe to say no Texan ever expects a jellyfish to swim up to their porch. Yet this is exactly what happened for Brad Thompson.

Texas resident Thompson filmed the encounter for all to see, too. Which brings us to the amazing footage below. Within, Brad is assessing the floodwaters (via storm surge) in his backyard, which are startling enough on their own. The water is several feet deep already, with Hurricane Nicholas bringing torrential downpours to the Lone Star State.

His coastal home is receiving the brunt of it. But so, too, is the marine life Texans typically only see in the ocean. Take a look:

“What are you doing up here?” Brad calmly asks the lost jelly. “Menacing!” he adds as the little invertebrate bounces its top on the concrete of his back porch.

While it’s hard to tell from the video, the storm surge does look to be lower than his ground floor. Hopefully. In the background, Brad’s outdoor furniture can be seen wading about his yard as he does the same.

Hurricane Nicholas Continues to Drench Gulf Coast

On Monday, Sept. 13, Tropical Storm Nicholas would morph into Hurricane Nicholas, making landfall on the Gulf Coast. And already, the impact is massive, as Thompson’s footage shows.

As of Tuesday, Nicholas had already dumped over 14 inches of rain in the Galveston Beach area. The torrential downpour has a 4-foot storm surge ravaging residents, Thompson included. Brad is likely one of the over 500,000 people currently without power in the Gulf, too.

And the end is not in sight. Not yet. Hurricane Nicholas is expected to bring a total of 20 inches of rain to the coast. An additional 12 inches of rain is expected to hit the mid and upper state, as well.

As a result, Texas Governor Greg Abbott would announce a state disaster declaration for nearly two dozen Lone Star counties.

“Texans throughout the Gulf Coast should prepare now for the impact of Hurricane Nicholas, which is expected to bring severe rain and flooding to these communities,” Gov. Abbott said as part of his statement.

The state will be able to issue all aid at its disposal with the declaration, bringing hope to humans (and the occasional jellyfish) caught up in the storm.

“But it is up to all Texans in the path of this storm to take precautions. Heed the guidance of officials. And remain vigilant as this severe weather moves through Texas,” Abbot adds.

Please stay safe out there, Texas Outsiders! And remember, if you see a jelly in your yard – please don’t touch it. Be like Brad – not this guy – and keep a safe distance.