Watch: ‘Jesus of the Moose World’ Runs Past Boat on Water

by Jon D. B.

Just when you think 2020 can’t get any stranger – “Jesus Moose” runs on water. And no -we’re not making this up.

File this one under “seeing is believing”. In a video that has gone viral first on TikTok – and now Twitter – an Alaskan moose can be seen literally running on water. This is no small feat considering bull moose, like this one, typically weigh in at three quarters of a ton. That’s 1,500 pounds.

Before we break down what’s “probably” happening here… you’ve got to see this one for yourself:

Is Jesus Moose real? Can moose run on water?

Yes, and no, but also two yesses or two nos? If you’ve had your fill of watching this incredible creature blast past a boat on a river – then let’s break down what may actually be going on here.

Firstly, moose are, in fact, excellent swimmers. Despite their enormous size, these giant relatives of elk and deer are adept paddlers and power-swimmers. They traverse everything from streams and lakes to currented rivers no problem. But this does not account for what Moose Jesus is doing, right? Right.

More than likely – two combined elements are causing this miraculous illusion:

Number one, and most obviously: The water in this river is likely very shallow. This, mixed with the great height of the moose and his super long legs, gives the illusion that he’s running on top of the water. In reality, his hooves are several inches tall, so the water is probably several inches deep (at least), too.

Number two is a bit less obvious: The boat this party is piloting looks to be either a small aluminum skimmer – or an airboat. Both are made to be able to traverse very shallow waters. In an airboat, air is used to propel the craft with a massive above-water fan – and the boat’s bottom is flat. In smaller skimmers, the boat bottom can be flat, too – and any water-based propeller would be very small and shallow, too.

Combine these two factors – and we’re treated to one of the best wildlife sightings to go viral in 2020: Jesus Moose Runs on Water.

Never stop, Jesus Moose. Never stop.