WATCH: Kangaroo Saved From Freezing Lake, Later Attacks Cyclist

by Josh Lanier

File this story under that escalated quickly. Two Australian men braved freezing cold waters to save a kangaroo trapped in a lake. But shortly after the rescue, the ‘roo turned this Instagrammable moment into a pay-per-view event. That’s because the animal attacked a passing cyclist shortly after its rescue on Tuesday.

Let’s go over the good first.

David Boyd was on his way to work when he came across two men who were knee-deep in Canberra Lake trying to reach the trapped marsupial. It’s unclear how the kangaroo ended up in the lake, but the cold temperatures kept it there, the Daily Mail said.

The men, not wanting to scare the poor creature, inched their way to it from two opposite angles. After a few tense seconds, they grabbed the animal and lifted it out of the cold water and onto the dry ground with the help of a third man on the land.

The kangaroo was shivering and terrified but unharmed. It even reached out to take one of its rescuer’s hands and nuzzle against it.

“Aw, he’s thanking ya, Boyd said, filming the entire scene.

The animal stood on the sidewalk, dazed and confused from the ordeal for nearly 30 minutes, witnesses said. Though it eventually warmed up and hopped away.

What a nice story about man’s inherent love of animals.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t end here. There’s a less happy coda to this tale.

That Same Kangaroo Attacks Cyclist Minutes Later

What the men couldn’t have known, though, was that this marsupial is a jerk. Another man uploaded a now-viral video of that kangaroo later that day attacking a cyclist at Canberra Lake to TikTok.

In this second video, the kangaroo is Mike Tyson circa 1988. It cuts off a cyclist’s path and tests its limits with a couple of jabs. Then the animal — nay, beast — starts to work its way in closer, punching and kicking at the man. The cyclist, not wanting to turn his back on the kangaroo uses his bike as a shield as best he can.

Now, in fairness to the kangaroo, there is a possibility that it was only trying to keep the cyclist away from the lake for his own safety. It had just suffered the sting of those cold waters.

This video doesn’t have the same soulful piano keys as the first video, but instead, the uploader overlayed the theme song from Rocky. People didn’t start putting the pieces together that this was the same kangaroo until later that day when they noticed the time and location of the two posts.

One person, responding to the TikTok post, wrote, “WAIT WAIT WAIT isn’t that the same kangaroo that was going in the water and two guys went in to rescue him?”

Another person added, “Is this the prequel or the sequel?”

The moral of this story is that if you rescue a helpless animal, get away as soon as you know it’s safe. Because at that point, you’re not safe.


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