WATCH: Kayakers Make Dramatic Rescue of Baby Deer in Lake Superior

by Jon D. B.

There’s not an Outsider alive that wouldn’t have saved this little fawn as she struggled to swim across Lake Superior.

“A little Bambi was in big trouble…” says The New York Post Wednesday of the harrowing rescue. Over at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, the little fawn swam way too far out into Lake Superior.

In the remarkable footage, we see her struggle to stay afloat as a kayak tour paddles out to her rescue. Once they reach her, they’re able to bring her to a shallow beach. From here, little “Bambi” takes off for the safety of the woods. An Outsider’s Happily Ever After for this little one!

Their first attempt at a rescue, however, was unsuccessful. Within, the group tries to guide the baby deer to a cliff off the side of Lake Superior. But her tiny hooves are no match for the slick rocks – which would have left her stranded again anyway. So it’s a good thing this didn’t work out, as the kayakers leaving her there would’ve been a death sentence all the same.

Watch the dramatic rescue of a fawn struggling to swim at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. A kayak tour paddled the distressed deer to a shallow beach where the animal ran safely into the woods.

New York Post

Instead, the kayakers take the tiny fawn onboard one of their boats, with an unidentified person swaddling her to keep her warm. Then, with a swift return to shore, the little one is given a second chance at life. Now there’s the news we need!

From Lake Superior to the United Kingdom: Good Samaritans Save Several Fawns in 2021

No matter the shore you’re on – nor the hobby you’re partaking in – no one ever really expects to find a deer out in the water. But just like our Michigander friends above, this is exactly what happened for another heroic Outsider. This time, however, we’re on the opposite side of the Atlantic with an English captain.

At first, Mark Bowditch saw what he thought was the fin of a shark. That’s a rare enough sight off the coast of England, but the pointed shape protruding from the water was unmistakable.

Little did he know that he was about to experience something far more rare than any shark sighting. Bowditch had found a doe swimming in 150-foot-deep water, far away from the shore – just like our little Lake Superior friend. The rest of Captain Bowditch’s charter would witness his harrowing rescue of the drowning deer, and he himself would tell the tale.

“Initially, I just thought it was a basking shark swimming slowly across the surface,” Bowditch says. “Then when I got a little bit closer and it turned, I saw it had two ears!”

For far more from Captain Bowditch on his remarkable story, we’ve got you covered!