WATCH: Kentucky Man Believes He Saw Bigfoot While on Trip at Lake Cumberland

by Shelby Scott

The elusive Bigfoot has been a mystery for people across the United States and around the globe for decades. Recently Kentuckian Jared Arnett was enjoying his trip to Lake Cumberland when he stumbled upon what he believed to be a real-life Bigfoot.

He shared a video on TikTok of the creature which, as of right now, is unexplainable. The photos and video are currently being analyzed for authenticity. In the meantime, check out the footage below.


Saw this dude by the lake #sasquach #foryou #viral

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99.5 WKDQ’s Leslie Morgan gives a little insight into the story as it was published on the radio station’s website. According to the brief article, the Pulaski County Sheriff Department is handling the investigation. Morgan promises to update readers following the story with more information about the footage and photos as it comes.

A quote by “The Somerset Insider” Facebook page states that, “A Pulaski County man is happy to be safe at home after a scary incident near Lake Cumberland today.” Arnett shared with the outlet that he initially thought the creature was a grizzly bear. However, he realized it was definitely a Sasquatch after he got a better look at it. Regardless, we impatiently wait to hear more news on the most recent Bigfoot sighting.

Bigfoot was Spotted Again, Just Days Ago, in Michigan.

Many Bigfoot sightings originate out of the western United States, toward Oregon, Washington, and California. It’s interesting that these two sightings were made together over such a short period of time. Arnett’s video is incredibly clear and perplexing, causing much speculation. In contrast, the Michigan video is a lot less clear and therefore, even more perplexing.

Viewers of the Michigan video left comments with various suggestions and solutions as to what the video might have captured. In it, we see a large brownish figure crossing a creek. The creature also has a smaller object folded into its arms.

Some claimed that it may have just been someone wearing a mosquito net or ghillie suit carrying a dog. Others suggested it may be someone in waders crossing the creek. It’s so hard to tell, especially because, as some viewers pointed out, the video footage isn’t very high quality.

With the sightings made just days apart, and others popping up around the country, perhaps we are witnessing some sort of Bigfoot migration? Hopefully, both this investigation and the Kentucky Bigfoot analyses provide some answers to the query.

Or perhaps nothing will turn up and the legend will continue to haunt Bigfoot fans and doubters across the United States. However, we at Outsider need to know whether or not Bigfoot is real once and for all.