WATCH: ‘Killer’ Snake Invades Shop Chasing Dinner Leaving Shopkeeper Scrambling

by Amy Myers

Imagine coming back from a break to your desk only to find an unexpected visitor slithering past your keyboard. Feel those chills down your spine? That’s exactly what this shopkeeper experienced when he found a snake weaving through his shop in pursuit of his meal. In Madhya Pradesh, India, a confections shopkeep came to rest on the counter and browse his phone when he quickly changed his mind. With a look of panic, he re-exited onto the street. A second later, the reptile whipped into view, chasing a brown rat all around the small quarters.

Close on its tail (pun intended), the “killer” snake just barely misses the rat, who escapes out a hole near the door. Determined to find its dinner, the serpent didn’t give up. It continued searching high and low, even checking out the door to see if it could pick up the rat’s scent. Alas, even after thoroughly checking the shop’s shelves, the snake gave up and slithered behind a lower shelf and disappeared. Whether the reptile actually left, we’ll never know. Hopefully, the shopkeeper has a charmer on speed dial. The breed of snake is still unknown.

Watch the snake nearly tear the shop apart to find the elusive rat.

Target Shoppers Find Snake Hidden in Shelves

A little closer to home, a North Carolina shopper had a similar but less aggressive encounter with a snake. While browsing for the right brand of canned baked beans, the woman found herself face-to-face with the scaly customer. Thankfully, the shopper, Diane Dupre, discovered a black rat snake, non-venomous and usually harmless to humans. Known to keep other snakes at bay and keep pest populations under control, this breed is actually a crucial component of North Carolina’s ecosystems. Still, you wouldn’t expect to find one coiled up while shopping for barbecue ingredients.

A Target employee told NBC affiliate WBIR News that the reptile likely made his way inside via shopping cart. Upon first finding the snake, Dupre thought it was fake.

“I thought it was a child’s toy, so I thought, ‘oh my goodness someone is pranking me, where’s the camera this is a joke,’ because it was totally still,” she shared.

Thinking she was onto her prankers, the shopper took out her camera for a photo. But as she got closer to the “toy,” she saw its thin, pink tongue poke out.

“I looked up and down the aisle and I was calmly freaking out,” Dupre explained. “See, he’s slithering, oh my gosh I can’t even look at this. I’m telling the men to hurry.”

Once help arrived, Target employees safely and gently removed the reptile and placed him back outside. Dupre escaped the encounter unharmed, though her heart rate might have been a bit elevated. Originally from New York, the shopper admitted she wasn’t used to seeing reptiles that size.