WATCH: Knife-Carrying Killer Crab Awakens Camper in Tent

by Amy Myers

A native Michigan camper discovered just how “robber crabs” got their name when he found one outside his tent, steak knife at the ready.

Kyle King, who now lives in Japan, decided to take a trip to the remote island of Komaka Island in Okinawa, Japan. There, he set up his tent and tucked in for the night. But soon after, at roughly 2 a.m., King heard a suspicious scratching noise outside of the door.

When he went to investigate, he found a giant coconut crab making a getaway with King’s steak knife. Initially, the camper used his phone as a flashlight, but once he realized the adversary he was facing, he knew he had to record the incident.

“Lucky to be alive,” the camper sarcastically captioned the clip.

@kylesthenix Lucky to be alive #camping #night #nightmare #creaturesofthenight #crazy #knife #theft #tent #cool #2am #kylesthenix ♬ Run – AWOLNATION

Camper Wrangles Knife Back from Robber Crab

Coconut crabs, also called robber crabs, are one of the largest crustacean species, reaching up to 60 inches in length. Their long legs and giant claws make it easy to snatch items that catch their attention before slinking away with their stolen goods.

But King managed to catch the thief before it could run off with his cutlery. He very calmly approached the giant crab, telling it that he needed his knife before sliding it from its massive claws.

“He had plans for that knife,” King joked in a comment. “If he’d been a little quieter he would have escaped with my steak knife.”

Meanwhile, the video seemed to disturb other viewers, both because of the crustacean’s size as well as its fascination with sharp objects.

“Why do crabs like knives so much? This is like the 4th different video I’ve seen of a crab stealing a knife,” one viewer wrote.

“I live in Alberta, Canada and was worried about bears but wow no thanks,” another shared.

A third added, “that dude woke up and chose violence this evening.”

Viewers Think Michigan Native Camped in Australia

While some shared their exploits with animals in their own stomping grounds, others wondered where exactly this camper found the odd crustacean.

The most common guess:

“I have a feeling: you live in Australia, don’t you??”

“What in the Australia is that??”

“pls tell me this is in Australia.”

Yes, Australia has given us some bizarre footage, from snakes in toilets to flying spiders to buff kangaroos. But this time, the robber crab was most definitely in Japan. These crabs live in burrows on islands from the Indian Ocean to the central Pacific. Although, we wouldn’t be surprised if there were some thieving arachnid cousins Down Under, too.