WATCH: Little Hunter Hysterically Explains to Camp Why He Won’t Get Married: ‘I’m Going Hunting’

by Will Shepard

Kids are just the best. They focus solely on the things they care about and not too much else. In particular, one little hunter, who is sitting around a campfire, tells the adults insight that he only cares about hunting.

Although viewers of the video don’t know the exact context of the question posed, it is fairly clear what he is asked. It is something along the lines of, are you going to get a girlfriend or a wife?

With his camouflage on and his Mountain Dew in hand, he answers the question emphatically. There is no way that this little hunter is not going out to score some meat.

The Little Hunter Is Adamant He Won’t Get a Girlfriend Because He Likes Hunting Too Much

“I don’t want a girl. Don’t want, like, a wife because what if she says ‘You can’t go hunting?’ I would just go, like, I’m goin’ hunting right now… and you can’t tell me what to do!”

He promptly sits down, clearly enthusiastic about his response to the question, and takes a sip of his drink. But, perhaps the best part of the video is what the boy sitting down next to him does during the video. He is contentedly eating his Chex Mix, and while his buddy talks, he seems to agree with every word that is said.

There might not be anything better than this. This little hunter is certainly passionate about hunting and won’t let anything stand in his way. That is what is called commitment, and you can only admire his drive.

After all, what else is there to life other than enjoying the simple pleasures like hunting? This young man is well on his way to enjoying a successful, fulfilling, and happy life with or without a partner.