WATCH: Live 10-Foot Python on Shelf Leaves Supermarket Shoppers in Shock

by Courtney Blackann

Those who visited the Glenorie supermarket Monday night shopped with an unusual customer. The grocery store, which is located in Sydney, Australia served as a hangout spot for a 10-foot python. Imagine needing some milk and eggs only to round the corner and see this guy. Though snakes on a plane are probably worse, this could have been a nightmarish scene for some.

As luck would have it, however, the witness who first noticed the giant snake also happened to be a volunteer snake catcher, according to The New York Post.

Helaina Alati was casually shopping for dinner supplies when she spotted the giant creature hanging out on one of the shelves as if he belonged there.

It just wanted to say hello,” Alati said. “Dozens of people must have walked past it.”

After grocery workers were alerted that the python was in the area, however, they worked quickly to block the section of the store off. Being the good samaritan she is, Alati went home to grab her snake-catching gear to assist in the release of the creature.

“It was chill, and not aggressive at all,” said Alati, adding that the python “slithered right into the bag.”

The short video depicts the snake popping its head out, presumably as confused as his fellow shoppers. The large snake is impressive with its beautiful black diamonds that decorate the length of its body.

While the breed of diamond pythons can appear intimidating, they are not usually harmful to humans. The creatures are also known to live in that region of Australia and feed on small animals like possums and rats.

And if the python was looking for a hearty dinner, it was probably in the wrong aisle.

Pythons Invade Florida

Speaking of pythons trekking into territory they don’t belong, the recent Florida Python Challenge removed 223 Burmese pythons from the Florida Everglades.

The invasive species are known to slither into that region of the United States and harm the ecosystem. Each year, residents partake in the removal of the animals to help maintain a balance of ecology in the area.

This year, the largest python also measured in at over 15 feet. However, the grand prize was awarded to Charles Dachton for wrangling 41 pythons.

Additionally, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis shared his support of the event, saying it’s a necessary measure to protect areas of Florida’s terrain.

Invasive Burmese pythons have wreaked havoc in the Everglades, negatively impacting the ecosystem and biodiversity… Removing more than 200 Burmese pythons is a victory for our state as well as for the native animals that live here,” Gov. DeSantis said.