WATCH: Lone Wolf Howls in Yellowstone National Park in Unbelievable Encounter

by Hannah Heser

Wolves often howl to communicate with their packs when something isn’t right. It is their way of communicating if they lose one another. In this case, the lone wolf is probably trying to reconnect with its pack.

Over the holidays, a visitor went to Yellowstone National Park. During her stay, she noticed a lone wolf howling unhappily into the wilderness. While she continues to hear the howling, she ends up taking a short video. Afterwards, she sent it to the news where she was interviewed on the situation.

“I don’t know if he’s a pack member or an outside male looking for love,” the visitor by the name of Deby Dixon told USA Today. “Judging from the size of his tracks, I feel certain it was a male.”

She saw the wolf howling while she was driving along a snowy road in the mountains. As she was cruising along, she remarks on a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The Lone Wolf Discovery

The sound she heard appears to be a lone wolf howling on the side of the road.

Soon after the discovery, she took out her camera to record the wolf. Later that night, she shared it with her Facebook friends.

“Have yourselves a very Merry Christmas Day! A once in a lifetime experience.”

Thinking back on the unhappy wolf, she thought it might have separated from the Wapiti Lake Pack. This pack of wolves was observed in that same area a day before.

As you can see, wolf sightings are very common in Yellowstone National Park. And FTW reports that it is especially common here in the winter.

“The distant animals are easy to spot as they travel across the snow,” they said. “However, close encounters that involve lone wolves crying out for others are extraordinary.”

Not only did Dixon see this, but two other families got the same experience. She told FTW that the roads weren’t great to drive on, so she followed a tour van, as well as a truck until the wolf spotting.

“The folks in the truck were from Georgia and they said that they let me pass thinking I might lead them to wolves. They were excited,” she said. “While following slowly behind the wolf, I was aware of trying not to ruin the unusual sighting for them, especially the tour bus.”

Her main goal was to get as close to the wolf as possible without disturbing it. Even though the video could barely see the animal, Dixon still saw something that is rarely ever seen. And that is the best Christmas gift anyone can ask for.

Hikers Interrupt a Pack of Wolves in Yellowstone National Park

Back in October, a group of hikers spotted a pack of lonely wolves at a park in Yellowstone. It seemed like it was hard to ignore the spotting, but they had to for their own safety. Fortunately, the wolves left them alone and they were able to continue their hike.

While Yellowstone is a popular place to visit, it’s important to remain cautious of the wildlife.