WATCH: Look Into Brown Eyes of a Gigantic Grizzly Bear in ‘Awesome’ Trail Cam Footage

by Jon D. B.

Come face to face with a gorgeous, ginormous grizzly bear without risking life & limb through this remarkable trail cam encounter.

Genuinely, this is one beautiful animal. All brown bears are gorgeous in this bear-obsessed Outsider’s eyes. But out of the countless hours of footage I’ve seen and through years of conservation work, this is without a doubt the most beautiful brown bear I’ve ever seen captured on film.

The footage is brief, but as far as glimpses into the brown eyes of a grizzly go, it won’t let you down. And it’s all courtesy of Yukon Wildlife Cam’s fantastic David Troup.

See for yourself in what Troup describes as an “Awesome Yukon grizzly giving the camera a double-take” on YWC’s Facebook:

We’ve covered Troup’s work here on Outsider before. The man has a knack for capturing incredible wildlife footage, particularly when it comes to bears in Canada’s Yukon Territory.

Speaking to FTW Outdoors on this clip, David says there’s “Not much to chew on… Other than a gorgeous bear offering the camera a little side eye.”

Nothing wrong with that, Sir Troup. It’s the little things that often make the largest impact. In fact, much of Troup’s footage goes viral for this very reason.

David Troup & The Wild World of Yukon Grizzly Bears

When we last shared David’s work, it was footage of another large bear showing off yet another impressive feature. Like the footage above, this other grizzly vid was captured earlier this year. The sheer amount of trail cam footage Troup has to sort through, however, means most don’t see the light of day until months after they’ve been captured.

“Look at those huge feet!” Troup lauds of that last viral grizzly bear clip. David would capture the enormous bruin’s steps as he waltzed the Canadian snow. When uploading, he put the footage in slow motion “to highlight the size of its feet.”

The grizzly “then investigates the marking tree used by both grizzlies and black bears this year,” Troup cites. And just like the clip above, I’d highly recommend any fellow bear enthusiasts check out this video, too. The size of the paw pads on this giant is truly remarkable, and you can see them on Outsider right here.

As the footage shows, a bears’ back feet have a much different shape than what we traditionally think of as a “paw.” Their hind legs feature oddly-human-shaped feet, and they’re truly massive.

Troup adds that the behavior on display is a result of the grizzly making a distinct trail to a popular scent spot. The tree, which you’ll see the big bear examine in the footage, has been previously marked by other grizzly and black bears of the area.

It’s a wild world out there, Outsiders.