WATCH: Louisiana Man Takes Removal of 8-Foot Alligator Into His Own Hands

by Jon D. B.

“Tell me you’re from Louisiana without telling me you’re from Louisiana!” One Slidell resident just took an intruding alligator into his own hands – and survived to tell the tale.

“Intruding” or “invasive” feel like the wrong words, as alligators were certainly in Louisiana far before us. And here we are in 2022 still enacting the timeless battle of man vs beast.

While most would call animal control (which, please, always call animal control and never try this yourself unless you’re a professional), this Slidell, LA man took matters into his own hands after finding an 8-foot alligator beneath his car in his driveway.

The encounter began around 11 AM Sunday in Slidell’s Old River Road subdivision. Thankfully, the resident spotted his enormous reptilian guest before any sort of unexpected attack or running-over-of-a-gator could occur. After spotting the beast, the man grabs a snare and removes it from beneath his vehicle.

Wisely, however, the video also shows he called for help from animal control. According to local FOX 8 News, he did so in order to safely tape the alligator’s mouth shut and have it safely relocated to the wild. Good on you, sir. Take a look:

A Slidell resident found an unexpected guest in his driveway. A gator was discovered around 11 a.m. in a Slidell resident’s driveway.


“Tell me your from Louisiana without telling me your from Louisiana! Gotta love it,” one Facebook user replies.

And as the video clearly shows: “Definitely a 3 person job right there,” comments another viewer. Neither the outlet nor the video makes it clear who the third person (an unidentified woman) is. But whoever she is – good on her, too. No one was injured during this removal and rescue – including the gator.

Are Alligator Attacks & Encounters on the Rise? Or Are We Simply Seeing More Due to Social Media?

According to the CDC, only 10 people were killed by alligators in America’s Southeast from 1999-2019 outside of Florida. There have been 25 human fatalities by alligators in Florida in that same time span. If this number surprises you, then it’s likely because alligator attacks have been all over the news the last few years. Alongside black and brown bear attacks, it certainly feels like alligator attacks are on the rise, doesn’t it? Is this truly the case, or are we simply seeing a whole lot more of these incidents due to the ease of sharing social media grants us?

In reality, the University of Florida cites American alligators are only responsible for fewer than 6% of worldwide crocodilian fatalities, which Outsider breaks down in our ‘Wildlife Watch: How Common are Alligator Attacks on Humans?

Within, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s data also shows there have been 413 unprovoked alligator attacks in Florida from 1948 to 2019.

That number sounds low, too. But it averages out to around 7 unprovoked gator bites per year that require professional medical treatment (and have therefore been reported and can be cataloged). This does not, however, take into account people who solicit alligator attacks which then occur. And believe us, they’re out there.

For Floridians, the likelihood of becoming an alligator fatality is roughly 1 in 3.1 million, the agency states. This statistic is similar for Louisiana residents, too. So as always, the best course of action is always to act on the side of caution – and never try what the gent above is at home.