WATCH: Louisiana Resident Films Massive Destruction of Home After Hurricane Ida Tore its Roof Off

by Jon D. B.

Hurricane Ida’s wrath leaves tons of terrible footage in its wake, including this first-hand look from Louisiana resident Trevon Gauno.

“In an Instagram post, he said he was in his room when the roof was pulled away,” NPR tweets of Gauno Monday.

“Louisiana resident Trevon Gauno filmed the rain and wind whipping through his home after Hurricane Ida tore his roof off on Sunday,” the tweet continues. Thankfully, Trevon “was able to seek shelter at a relative’s home nearby.” But the footage left behind is heartbreaking:

“Ugh this is so sad. I hope he, his family, and his neighbors are ok,” comments Bramos M. on Twitter.

Like so many others, Gauno’s home lies in shambles after Hurricane Ida’s 150 mph winds. As he attempts to show others the damage, another enormous gust of wind nearly takes his phone from his hand. Gauno can do nothing but shake his head.

Hundreds of examples of this sort of footage exist online now. If not thousands. And each is a stark reminder of the horrific toll of recent record-breaking hurricanes like Ida.

Hurricane Ida Rips Thousands of Homes Apart

As we would learn on Sunday, Hurricane Ida became powerful enough to reverse the flow of the Mississippi River. So it comes as no surprise that Trevon Gauno is one of thousands without a roof over their head due to the storm.

Another Louisiana resident, Khudro Maush watched it happen before him, too.

“Oh my god… The roof of a house flew in front of my eyes,” Manush said Sunday in his startling footage. At the time, the Houma, Louisiana resident said “It’s getting close, so we’re gonna take shelter.”

Then, it happens. The 150 mph winds of Hurricane Ida rage on, and Manush notes the telephone poles beginning to lean as he films.

“Oh that roof is coming – Holy s***!” he shouts. Ina’s brute-force winds then send the tin roof sailing like a ragdoll down the block. It folds with ease as the storm rages, eventually pinning the entire roof to a tree.

“Yeah, that’s about it right there, folks,” he grunts, his voice gone from fear. As he pans around, telephone poles snap in two. “That’s not safe, I don’t think,” he whispers.

Watch Manush’s frightening footage for yourself here.

In addition, the following video, which was sent to NBC News by Magen Cheramie, shows the remarkable moment the Lady of the Sea Hospital’s roof gives way to Hurricane Ida. Those filming can be heard screaming as the roof crumbles away into mere debris:

“Oh my God! Y’all, look!” Cheramie shouts during the intense sight.

Indeed, the sounds of Hurricane Ida are enough to send chills up the spine.

Outsider sends our best to those continuing to battle Ida and her fallout.