WATCH: Mama Bear and Her Cub Go for a Swim in California Pool

by Jon D. B.

“It’s as if we’re not even here, huh?” Watch as this mama black bear and her adorable cub splash about in this California backyard pool.

As their dog barks in the background, Paul Huber and his family managed to catch a video of two bears making the best of their pool. The afternoon swim is as adorable as it is surprising, with pool owner Paul saying:

“Oh my God… It’s as if we’re not even here, huh? They’re just having fun in the pool!”

Their afternoon swim took place earlier in July, with neither black bear looking out of place. Instead, they look to know exactly how this pool is put to best use!

Like a little human of the same size, the cub climbs right out of the side of the pool, shakes off, and prepares for more fun in the sun.

“A mother bear wants to show her cub how fun pools are,” ABC7 reports. “So she took her little one for a dip in Southern California to escape the heat!”

“So Paul Huber shares this video of two bears going for a swim in their backyard pool over the weekend. This is in Glendale, LA County. Mama bear and the cub stay there for a bit… Before they went back to their home in the wilderness,” their laughter-heavy report continues.

“That little cub is so cute, I can’t take it,” one anchor smiles. “Does someone have a towel? Next time, hot tub!”

Speaking of black bears and hot tubs

Black Bears Seek Out Pools in Extreme Heat

Back in March, a black bear found its way into a hot tub on the other side of the country. Here in Tennessee, in fact, where the species is a common sight amidst our Great Smoky Mountains.

Visiting Georgian Todd Trebony’s morning went from relaxing to wild while visiting nearby Gatlinburg.  While enjoying his coffe in his rental cabin, a black bear climbed right up onto the deck. Smartly, Trebony then retreats inside – but keeps filming the bizarre encounter. Then, he watches in amazement as the large bear goes straight for his jacuzzi.

 “I was out on the porch drinking my coffee, and this happened!” he captions his viral video, which you can see below.

“There’s a black bear… A wild black bear… In the jacuzzi getting warm. Unbelievable,” he continues within.

“It’s getting warm. It’s just having a blast,” Todd tells his wife inside as he films. “I’m glad I wasn’t in the jacuzzi. There’s a wild black bear in the jacuzzi getting warm… Unbelievable,” he repeats.

Black bears are a notoriously curious species, and over 1,500 of the species call the Great Smoky Mountains National Park home. Far more inhabit the surrounding Appalachian Mountains. And while their somewhat human behavior may be cute on occasion, remember to always respect wildlife and never approach wild bears. Though rare, fatalities from both black and brown bears occur each year.