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Watch a Mama Bear Transport Her Three Cubs on Her Back Across a Lake in Wisconsin

by Outsider
(Photo by Evening Standard/Getty Images)

Footage is trending of a mama bear swimming across a Wisconsin lake with her three cubs riding on her back.

Nelda Powers, from Indiana, and her friends were on fishing trip in Wisconsin back in June. While on the trip, the group were enjoying a sunset boat cruise on the Chippewa Flowage when they noticed the movement in the lake.

The group watched in amazement as the bear swam past the boat while carrying her three cubs on her back.

ABC News shares a clip of the video on Twitter taken by Dan and Nelda Powers and Bluford and Helen Fitch.

“She’s working so hard,” one person is heard in the video as another exclaimed, “Hahaha that’s so cute!”

When bears made it across the lake, the mom and her cubs begin working their way up the shore before running off into the woods.

“You did it mama” says one boater in the video.

Twitter reacts to ‘adorable’ mama bear and cubs

As video of mama bear and cubs gets shared around social media, Twitter users are especially loving it.

Some users are simply awestruck with cuteness overload. “omg is that not adorable!,” said one tweet. Another says, “true love and devotion.”

Other Twitter users take the opportunity to appreciate the display of motherly nature at work. One user comments, “Cause that’s what moms do. Did you see how she checked to make sure they were all there…” Another says, “Nature and the instinct within all living things to take car of their own!”

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