WATCH: Mammoth Snake Lifted Out of Rainforest by Digger

by Taylor Cunningham

Hey Outsiders, we have the most terrifying video for you. But if you have a phobia of slithering serpents, beware. Because if you see this, you may never get a good night’s sleep again. Workers in the Dominican rainforest have found a record-breaking snake. And it’s so big that they had to lift it from the ground with a digger.

A group of men was clearing an area of the rainforest when they unearthed a monster. While they were digging, they found a snake that measured at least 10 feet. And a man caught the incident on camera.

“My mother, what?!” the man said as his co-worker lifted the behemoth into the air. The creature slowly coiled around the top of the machinery while the workers stood with their jaws on the forest floor.

But the end of the video may be the most surprising part. The brave workers decided to help the big guy out and remove him from the forest—alive. The clip shows three of the workers helping the snake into the back of an SUV. We don’t know who was crazy enough to escort the serpent away, but we hope they’re ok.

House of 100 Snakes in California Has Colony of Pacific Rattlers Removed

Think of your worst nightmare and multiply it by one million. Did you get it? Whatever you imaged is nothing compared to what a Santa Rosa woman lived when she found nearly 100 pacific rattlers under her home.

Earlier this month, an unnamed homeowner called Sonoma County Reptile Rescue and asked them to remove a nest of poisonous snakes from her house.

The only person up to the task was director Al Wolf. When he arrived on the scene, he crawled under the home and found adults crawling from a hole and then a swarm of babies. He easily recognized the Northern Pacific Rattlers, which happen to be the deadliest snakes in all of Northern California.

Wolf told Kron 4 news that the den was quite active. There were dozens of babies and multiple snakes were hatching more. After working for four hours, he pulled 59 baby snakes, 11 adult snakes, 1 dead cat, and 1 dead possum from the den.

Wolf has returned to the “house of 100 snakes” two more times. After the following sweeps, he found 11 more slithering beasts.

“I’ve been doing this 32 years,” Wolf told SF Gate. The snake wrangler runs the Sebastopol-based nonprofit wildlife rescue and relocation organization. “I get calls with snakes under the house pretty often. The most I’ve done under a house is four or five.”

So 81 snakes is definitely a new record for him. He told the magazine that he’s seen nests that large in the wild but never under someone’s home. And while most of us never consider sliding into a rattlesnake nest, Wolf actually enjoys the task.

“You go under the first part of the house and there’s storage and then it goes into the area that’s tight and you have to crawl into it and you can smell the rattlesnake smell,” he said. “It’s the smell of their droppings. I got in, and I smelled that and it’s like when you smell popcorn and you go ‘Oh!’ Right away, I knew I might have something special and I was hoping … and occasionally your hopes come true.”