WATCH: Man Absolutely Freaks Out After Huge Eagle Lands in His Front Seat

by Amy Myers

A man picked up an unexpected passenger when a huge eagle landed beside him in the front seat of his car.

The driver, known as “Littlebandido” on TikTok and YouTube, caught the interaction on film. Of course, he was pretty shaken up about the large bird staring intensely at him, but the bird seemed calm as ever, resting next to his center console.

Watch the moment the eagle flew into the car below.

@ladbibleaustralia “Hey boss, yeah I’m gonna be late to work… You wouldn’t believe what happened to me” #eagle #bird #car #fail [Credit: @Littlebandido ♬ original sound – LADbible Australia

The video creator also uploaded the full version of the video on YouTube in which we can see before and after the interaction. Apparently, “Littlebandido” planned on talking about how he wanted to propose to his girlfriend in the Philippines, but the Serpent eagle pivoted the conversation as soon as it flew into the passenger seat.

Startled as he was, the driver didn’t begin screaming or flailing like many of us would (admit it, you would, too). Instead, he very calmly snapped a photo of the juvenile eagle before rolling up his window and stepping out of the car.

“This is some kind of National Geographic sh—,” he joked.

TikToker Ends up Rescuing Eagle

As it turned out, this eagle wasn’t just looking for a spot to rest after a long flight. Littlebandido found out that the bird actually had some substantial injuries and couldn’t escape the car even if it wanted to.

So, he correctly contacted wildlife officials to help him figure out the best course of action for the beautiful yet dangerous avian.

The YouTuber ended up taking the bird home and provided some wound care. The man suspected that a larger animal bit the eagle’s wing, making flight nearly impossible. After cleaning his wounds, the generous rescuer placed the bird in a cage where it could safely recover.

But that didn’t mean the animal wasn’t still cautious about its rescuer. As the YouTuber recorded the bird’s progress, it continuously cocked its feathers and puffs up, also called a deimatic display, to ward off the potential predator.

Still, the man was patient with the wounded creature and did all he could to provide the animal the care it desperately needed for survival.

Compassionate Video Creator Finally Releases Wild Bird Back Into the Wild

After three days of recovering at Littlebandido’s home, the bird was ready to return to the wild.

So, the YouTuber carefully and properly handled the bird, careful not to irritate its previously damaged wing and tossed him high across a grassy meadow. Sure enough, the eagle took off without hesitation, easily soaring back into the air.

The bird may very well never return to the area. Even still, the nature lover was just happy to help the wild and majestic creature.