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WATCH: Man Relives Bobcat Attack After Animal Had Him ‘Facedown’ at Home

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by: Dennis Fast / VWPics/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

While a threat to our livestock, we humans don’t typically think of bobcats as a danger to us. This North Carolina encounter, however, turns all that on its head.

“I’m just a little shell-shocked. I mean, I’ve never had anything quite like that happen to me,” says Scott Jackson of Eastwood, North Carolina. Three weeks on from the attack and he’s still recovering. And no one would have ever guessed his assailant: a bobcat.

The felines are incredible predators and far larger than our housecats, yet a fraction of a size of the animals we typically associate with a threat to human lives like mountain lions and grizzly bears.

Still, any cat that can reach 40 pounds (as males can) while standing almost 2-feet at the shoulder is enough to do serious damage to a person. And unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to Scott Jackson.

On the day of June 4, Scott and his wife, Randy, pulled into their Eastwood home like they would after any normal grocery run. Randy went inside the house as Scott unloaded the groceries like a gentleman. Then, something odd happened. The Jackson’s chickens, which they keep on their property, began fleeing from his area. Only they weren’t running from him.

It was then that Scott says he heard the growl of a large animal under the back of his car – exactly where he was unloading groceries. He looked down to see a bobcat staring back at him.

Bobcat Leaves Puncture Wounds and Lacerations in NC Man: ‘He was lucky to be alive’

After the initial shock, Scott says he began backing away from the wildcat, but made a near-fatal mistake in turning away from the wild predator. After he did, the bobcat tackled him.

“That’s when he crawled on me and took me down on the carport,” Jackson tells local ABC 11 News.

Thankfully, his instincts kicked in and Scott began fighting back, “twisting the bobcat’s paw until it let go,” the outlet states. By the time help could arrive, however, the bobcat had already fled.

“I couldn’t tell you how long it all lasted. I’d say five seconds, at the most, but it was a scary five seconds,” he continues.

Scott Jackson now has several deep puncture wounds from the cat’s fangs on his upper left shoulder (see above).

The short attack left some damage to Jackson’s back and shoulder. He was dealt scratches and a notable bite mark on his left shoulder. He also suffered a laceration to his scalp, and multiple deep cuts and abrasions along his backside.

His wife, Randy, is just thankful he’s alive after such a vicious attack.

“The ER doctor and the deputies both said he was lucky to be alive, and I was lucky it went for him because I probably wouldn’t be here,” she tells ABC 11.

“It’s made me have much more appreciation of life,” Scott adds. None of their livestock was harmed.

This behavior is wildly out-of-character for bobcats, which do not see us far larger humans as prey. As such, the animal was likely rabid. The encounter bares a striking resemblance to an earlier viral video from 2021 in which another rabid bobcat attacked a suburban couple.

ABC News 11 does confirm the Jackson’s bobcat was rabid, and that Scott has thankfully completed his rabies vaccinations.