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Watch: Man Casually Shoos 13-Foot Crocodile While in a Creek

by Jon D. B.
(Photo credit: PA Images via Getty Images)

Footage shows the man casually shooing away the huge crocodile after it repeatedly approaches him in an Australian creek.

The man, also known as the Outback Wrangler, is an outdoorsman of National Geographic fame. In his video, Matt Wright shows the 13-foot croc repeatedly approaching him for a “pester”. Casually, Wright shoos the croc back with a gentle hand motion and no sudden movements.

Such a shockingly unique encounter has the video going viral.

What makes this crocodile encounter so unique?

This should go without saying – but this is far from typical behavior for any crocodile, male or female. This particular medium-sized male saltwater croc is affectionately known as “Bonecruncher” by the locals. A previous jaw injury keeps Bonecruncher in calmer waters and away from larger males. He is still a wild animal, however, and very dangerous.

Regardless of the croc’s repeated advances – Wright remains calm and cool. The encounter has garnered over 2 million views on twitter already with the appropriate tagline:

“Meanwhile, in Australia…”

Watch below as Wright remains collected during the encounter. He is busy removing logs from the creek with his colleague, Tommy, when Bonecruncher approaches. The two men can be seen gently reaching down to nudge the croc back before it gets even closer. Each time, however, the gigantic reptile seems to want to come back for more.


“We’re just trying to get a few logs out of the water here, having a bit of a hard time, we’ve got a little friend that’s come and visited us,” Wright can be heard saying. “Go away!” he ushers several times over with a laugh. “Trying to get some work done!”

Whether it’s a laughing matter or not to these professional croc-wranglers, one thing’s for sure: better them than us.

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