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WATCH: Man Casually ‘Stomps’ on and Feeds Bear and People Are Losing It

by Jon D. B.
(Photo credit: Getty Images)

In the strangest mix of adorable & wildly stupid decisions you’ll see today, watch this man casually step on a huge brown bear as he feeds it treats. And as per usual, Twitter is having at it.

Please, please do not ever try this. While the following footage clearly shows a big bear habituated to humans, most of these stories end very, very poorly.

Meanwhile, in Russia, this man is feeding a bear who clearly likes him just a little bit – and casually stomping on him all the while. The duo are fast friends for now, sure, but as any wildlife technician will tell you – bears are never domesticated. Bears are never pets. And bears will always revert to wild, ruthless instincts when they see fit.

That aside, Twitter is all in on this footage, and some of the comments are absolutely priceless.

Man Feeds Bear, Stomps on Belly, Twitter Loses it

Sure, we’ve all dreamed of hand-feeding a giant cuddly bear whilst playfully rubbing his belly. This joker takes it to the next level, however, as he places his foot down onto the bear’s abdomen in what he thinks is a show of dominance.

This same bear, guaranteed, will someday see this stomping as one-too-far, and kill this man where he stands.

Now that you’ve seen this incredible display of adorable stupidity, we’ve got to hit on some of Twitter’s glorious responses. User Warlikes78 says “Russians have a strange relationship with nature.” And he is correct.

In addition, Shark King Dylan says “Bears are basically dogs to Russians lol.”

Again, they’re not. At all. Ever. Please don’t think bears are big dogs. They will consume you.

Meanwhile, calls it like he sees it. “Russia is to bears as Florida is to Alligators,” says Michael Almanzar.

One Twitter user amongst the rest, however, totally gets it. Timothy Cunningham tweets “would be funny if we didn’t know that the bear ate him at 1:05.”

While this is presumably not true, it will be. Someday.

For plenty of expert tips on how to properly avoid bears and not get eaten like this Russian man eventually will, read through our Surviving a Bear: How to Prevent Encounters and Deter an Attack.