WATCH: Man Catches Great White Shark While Fishing on Beach in Cape Cod

by Shelby Scott

It’s not every day you catch a great white shark when you’re out fishing. However, that’s exactly what happened to Cape Cod beachgoer, Matt Pieciak. Pieciak was having a get-together at Nauset Beach with his family on Sunday. According to a New York Post article, he’d been playing cornhole along the shore when he heard his pole rattling. What happened next definitely made for a memorable family mini-vacation.

According to the article, the shark appeared about 50 yards from the shore. It was relatively close to where Pieciak and his family were spending the day. The apex predator was assumed to measure 12 feet in length. In the video, viewers can see the shark thrashing around before disappearing with what would have been a much smaller catch.

“It was just the food chain: fish took bait, shark took fish,” Pieciak said. The New York Post shared Pieciak had been hoping to simply catch a bluefish or a bass.

It definitely would have been impressive to reel in a great white shark on a simple family beach trip. However, the big animal slipped away as soon as the beachgoer applied pressure to his line.

Although Pieciak is sure to make this his number one fishing story, he did share that it was a little worrisome how close the shark was to where he and other surfers had been in the water earlier that day and the day before. “What’s crazy about this is how close to the beach it was…People had been surfing there, I had been surfing there that day and the day before. We spent the whole week surfing right where that happened.”

Nevertheless, he assured other beachgoers at Cape Cod and other locations that humans have nothing to worry about as long as they’re cautious while out on the water. “I think being aware of them is the biggest thing,” the fisherman said to The Globe.

One Great White Shark Recently Traveled the Breadth of the Atlantic Ocean

While this relatively small great white maintained an incredibly small distance between land, and therefore dinner, and himself, a larger, older great white traveled 2,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean earlier this spring. Experts stated, however, that pregnancy rather than food spurred this decision.

The large shark who made this even larger trek is named Nukumi. She’s a 17-foot, 50-year-old great white shark. Her location last pinged on trackers back in April. Prior to the trek, Nukumi had been occupying areas near North Carolina’s Outer Banks. When scientists located her again, she’d traveled about 2,000 miles, taking up residence near the Northeast Atlantic Ocean.

On average, she was hitting 44 miles traveled per day which, according to the Charlotte Observer, is rare for great white sharks. According to OCEARCH Chief Scientist Bob Hueter,” only the most highly migratory fish, such as bluefin tunas, blue sharks, and shortfin makos” make incredibly long journies like these.