Watch: Man Heroically Saves Puppy from Alligator’s Clenched Jaws

by Madison Miller

News of Florida and its alligators never seems to stop.

Just last week during Hurricane eta, a huge dinosaur-sized alligator was seen on a golf course in Naples. This alligator seemingly wasn’t causing any problems it just left people in awe of its huge size.

This time, however, the alligator in question struck back.

In a Florida pond, a small dog ended up in a full-forced battle with an alligator. The alligator had actually gotten the puppy and was underwater with it before a man came to the dog’s rescue.

There is a viral TikTok showing the man jump into the water and pull both the alligator and the puppy out. The alligator seemed to be young, it was nowhere near full-sized.


would you? Walking the dog in florida around any body of water this is a risk we take. Florida wildlife be savages sometimes.

♬ original sound – MelissaChipps

The man then wrestles the gator’s mouth open with his bare hands. In the video, you can hear him grunting aggressively while the dog yelps out for help.

The man eventually is able to open the mouth of the gator enough for the small, white dog to leap and sprint away.

According to TMZ, the man was pretty fed up with the gator.

“Florida’s version of Crocodile Dundee wasn’t done dealing with the gator, though. He reportedly tossed it over a nearby fence, in hopes it would not return to the pond.”

It sounds like years of pent-up, Florida native frustration over alligators causing havoc on daily life in Florida.

Another Florida Man and His Alligators

Also viral on TikTok is a man in Florida feeding alligators in a closed-off private encounter. The best part? He’s completely barefoot.

The man has a bucket full of meat in one hand and a large wooden stick in the other. When he reaches the corner of the enclosure, there are about 10 alligators around him.

He uses the long wooden stick to keep them far enough away from him. They appear to be trained to not attack him, as he is the one providing them with food.


How every feeding starts, total chaos 😂 full 7min video on FB/IG. @evergladesholidaypark #gator #animals #fyp #alligator

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Users had a lot of fun with the video. One commented, “You put a lot of trust in that stick” while another said, “bro just go in with a disguise, wear crocs.”

Others comment on his failure to close the gate or wear proper shoes with what the man claims are his “swamp dogs.”

According to Newsweek, handling an alligator interaction can be difficult with the creature’s speed, power, and agility.

“James Perran Ross, a retired associate scientist of wildlife ecology and conservation at the University of Florida, told Live Science how to act when facing an alligator. He said it’s best to give the animal space, and avoid water if that’s where the alligator comes from.”