WATCH: Man Plays Trumpet in New Orleans Street As Hurricane Ida Makes Landfall

by Jonathan Howard

No matter the weather, the streets of New Orleans are always filled with music. As Hurricane Ida made landfall today, one musician let himself be heard. Despite the rainfall, or perhaps because of it, the somber notes were fitting for the approaching storm.

As the notes echoed along the emptied streets, the camera pans over to the player. He is joined by a friend, perhaps singing or just encouraging him along the way. While it is a quiet scene in the video, as Ida has made landfall the peacefulness has gone away.

As the storm rages on land, there have been videos of the destruction and chaos it has caused. New Orleans has suffered a lot in various storms. Everyone knows Katrina and the effects of that storm. However, in the years since each new hurricane has complicated efforts to rebuild. The city has come together over time and been able to rebound in a great way, but it is hard to see the city, and the state of Louisiana, go through more violent storms.

Al Roker Covering Hurricane Ida

With the storm making landfall, of course, America’s weatherman is going to cover it. Hurricane Ida can’t stop Al Roker from being out in the thick of things. Neither can social media naysayers. Reporters and meteorologists risk their safety to get great coverage of these terrible storms. Standing tall in the wind and squinting through the rain, it has become a common sight each time a hurricane hits land.

Despite being 67-years-old Roker is back out there facing the harsh conditions of Hurricane Ida. Donning his blue NBC jacket, he stood tall and delivered his report from the scene. It had many fans and viewers on social media questioning whether he should be out there. Many of the messages were in good faith and concerned about a beloved media figure putting themself at risk. However, Roker is not having any of it. In fact, he (jokingly) took offense to questions about his age and capability to report from the scene of the storm.

Roker was asked how he felt about the comments. He said, “Folks on Twitter [are saying] ‘First of all why is NBC putting [him] out there?’ I volunteered to come out here, this is what I do.” He then detailed how the crew and the staff at NBC assure they do not get into anything that is too risky. He also poked some jabs back at those who said he might not be up to the job anymore.

“As much as I love the weather and I love NBC, I’m not going to risk my life for it…’Well, he’s too old to be doing this!’ Well, hey screw you!” the longtime weather reporter said. Those are pretty great words from a legendary figure in weather and meteorology.