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WATCH: Man Pulls Turkey Out of Car Bumper, It Shockingly Runs Off

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by George Rose/Getty Images)

This is… a lot to handle. Big ol’ wild turkey + car bumper + turkey is still alive + dad to the rescue + priceless commentary apparently = 3 million views on TikTok.

“It’s stuck in there…” narrates a stunned Meghan Mathias on her TikTok. “Watch out dad, too, ’cause I dunno if it’s still alive…”

Spoiler alert: it is still very much alive. Be warned, however, that if you’re sensitive to your turkeys while they’re still cluckin’ – this one may be a bit hard to watch.

“What Happens When…”

What happens when you hit a Turkey 😬 Gobble Gobble 🦃,” is the caption this Oregon resident chooses, too, for what has become a viral sensation on the social media platform. Cellphone footage shows her father yanking a fully grown female wild turkey from the front bumper of her car after what we can only guess was an awful ride home for all involved.

“I don’t believe how stuck that thing is!” Dad chimes in. He’s holding the hen by her tail feathers with classic dad gardening gloves, and giving this half-attempt at a rescue his all. “Jesus that’s a big son of a b****!” he laments as the sheer size of the turkey causes the car bumper to audibly crinkle as it buckles.

It’s at this point that dad has had enough of both his suffering – and the turkey’s. With enough gusto to – well – pull a wild turkey from a car bumper – dad yanks the hen from said car bumper like a seasoned pro. It is every bit as intense as it sounds: right up to when the turkey hits the ground and sprints towards the camera – still very much alive.

From here, it’s all inaudible screams from humans and complete silence from turkeys as the fowl takes off for the hills. How this hearty hen manages to survive this encounter is beyond us, but calling it a “rescue” seems a stretch, so we won’t. Instead, we’re calling it like we see it:

Dad Yanks Living Turkey From Inanimate Car

Give the one-of-a-kind clip a watch below, and join us in chanting: “How?”


What happens when you hit a Turkey 😬 Gobble Gobble 🦃 @heatherclark25 #wildturkey #oregon

♬ original sound – Meghan Mathias

Seriously. How?

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