WATCH: Man Saves Injured Bald Eagle From Drowning in Heartwarming Video

by Amy Myers

While paddling the waters in Nova Scotia, a rafting guide bravely risked his own safety to rescue a critically injured bald eagle. Without his quick thinking and compassion, the majestic bird would have surely drown.

Emmett Blois knows the Shubenacadie River well and understands its power. So, when he came across an eagle that struggled to escape the rising water levels, he knew he needed to lend a hand.

According to Blois’ interview with The Dodo, the group originally spotted a soar of five eagles on a sandbank. As the water levels began to rise, the rest of the group flew away, but one female remained. Soon, the water was too high for her to stand and she tried in vain to flap her giant wings, but she ended up only doing the breaststroke. Eventually, she would tire and have no way to keep herself above the surface.

Seeing the danger before the bald eagle, Blois lifted the gorgeous bird into his vessel and held her by the closed wings. Though she was nervous, she seemed to accept her fate with the paddlers. Blois later mentioned that the bird, which he named Nova, bit him, but he knew this was only to protect herself.

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Rafting Guide Helps Nova the Eagle Recover and Releases Her Back into the Wild

Once back on shore, the rafting guide elicited the help of local rehabilitation center Hope for Wildlife to make sure Nova made a speedy recovery. After some tests, close surveillance and lots of R&R, the bald eagle recovered from her ligament injury.

“It’s looking like it may just be soft tissue damage to her leg,” Blois informed in an update on Instagram. “They’re going to keep her and do a few more test and see how she’s doing before they bring her back out to us on the Shubie so we can re-release her.”

As promised, four months later, the rafting guide helped release Nova back into the wild where she belongs.

Rafting Guide Saves Another Bald Eagle in Distress

Nova wasn’t the only life that Blois saved during his riverfront adventures. After releasing the beautiful bird back into the wild, the rafting guide came across yet another bald eagle in distress. This time, though, it was much younger, roughly a year old, and it didn’t yet have its signature white plumage.

Just like last time, Blois and his team found the youngling while on the Shubenacadie River, and he knew exactly what to do (and how to avoid another bite).

This eagle, named Shubie, calmly took a ride back to land by Blois’ side. It’s unclear what injury the bird suffered from, but it seemed happy to accept the help. After a stay with the Cobequid Wildlife Rehab Centre, Shubie joined Nova at their natural habitat.