WATCH: Man Shocked to Discover Enormous Cottonmouth Snake Inside Filleting Catfish

by Jon D. B.

Over two million people have watched this filleting surprise, in which a venomous cottonmouth spills out of a catfish less than half its length. The video was captured in 2018, but has again resurfaced cause it’s just that bizarre.

You read that right. As many a’ angler knows, catfish will eat anything. If it stinks – they’ll cram it right down their wide mouths. This includes any/all living things they can get to, and stretches to all sorts of objects that may have a strong odor.

In short: fishermen have found some weird sh** inside catfish. And while this angler’s surprise is at least an animal – that makes it no less, well, surprising to watch unfold. Literally.

“Ok. So Brandon Price goes fishing early this morning and I go out to video him fileting his biggest catch today,” begins Kari Mills Price on Facebook. “I had already remarked to him that I thought the fish was pregnant because it’s stomach was huge. Quite a surprise when we realized it indeed was not pregnant!” she exclaims.

See what all the hype’s about and check out her footage for yourself below:

“Looking back at the video you can see that I was oblivious to what was coming out of that fish! I’m still shaking!!” Kari captions.

Honestly, Mrs. Price must be quite the excitable human, as her reaction reads very over the top. Though, to be fair, it is not every day, week, or year, even, that you see a cottonmouth spill out of a catfish.

Catfish’s Cottonmouth Surprise Sparks Intense Reactions

If there’s one thing wildlife tech work has shown me, however, it’s the unpredictability of nature. But this doesn’t make such sights any less impactful when they happen – as the comments on the Prices’ video are showing.

“You know when I glimpsed at this earlier, I thought it looked like a snake but thought he kept prepping it so it must be his insides. OH. My. Word!!!” comments Anita A. on Facebook. “I would have been just like you! Screaming! So disgusting! Nope! It would something besides that fish for me for dinner!”

A fair point. And the skeptics are even onboard.

“Oh my word. I can’t even… ugh. I had to watch a couple of times to realize you guys didn’t plant that snake there. How in the world did that fish eat that snake?” Susan H. replies.

Believe it or not, most snakes aren’t any more difficult prey for a large catfish than anything else. The predators can vacuum in pretty much anything that’ll fit through their mouths – and that includes highly-venomous snakes!

Cottonmouths and catfish share much of the Southeast as territory, too. While some catfish are large enough to eat these pit vipers – other cottonmouths are large enough to take down small catfish! Which goes to show you: with nature, you never know what you’re going to get.

Ah, the circle of life.