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WATCH: This Man’s Jam-Packed Trophy Room Will Make Any Hunter Jealous

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Vintage Images/Getty Images)

This hunter is causing some serious trophy envy. A recent video has gone viral showing what could be the most impressive trophy room in any home.

Barstool Sports posted a video from a hunter named Joey Finn as he walks through his house, which is filled with trophies he’s collected throughout the years. Moreover, there are scores of them including deer, elk, bears, lynx, sharks and so many more. The trophies overflow into several rooms of his home.

“This dude has the entire cast of Planet Earth in his house,” the tweet from Barstool said.

Trophy Room Shows Off Impressive Taxidermy Skills

Finn’s trophy room is a wonderland for taxidermists. His home has some impressive mounts that likely took taxidermists hundreds of hours to finish. If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to create a mount like that, one taxidermist has a YouTube channel where she documents the process.

It’s a difficult, time-consuming process that takes a great deal of skill to complete. Rebecca’s Taxidermy Channel shows exactly how much skill it takes to mount a deer. Moreover, the channel is full of videos featuring her stuffing and mounting a number of different animals.

The video also acts as an explainer of how taxidermists set their prices. That’s because the detail and craftsmanship are on full display, which can help explain the costs.

Taxidermists have stayed very busy this season because hunting is surging in popularity. More young hunters and women have gotten involved in the sport in the past year, and they’re looking to create trophies of their early hunts.

Randy Stewart, owner of Clingerman Taxidermy, told the Finger Lakes Times the demographic shift has him hopeful for the future of the sport and his industry

“I am seeing younger hunters who are spending more money,” he said, “and there have been more women bringing deer to me. This is great for the future of hunting.”