WATCH: Massive Bear Appears To Dance With the Trees While Scratching an Itch

by Jonathan Howard

When you think of a cartoon bear you might think of a big fuzzy animal dancing and rubbing up on trees. Well, that has some roots in reality.

A trail cam captured footage of a big ole bear rubbing up against a group of trees. Almost like the animal was trying to test each one out, it went one by one to each tree. NBC Montana shared the footage from outside of Red Lodge.

Almost like he was on a movie set getting ready to sing “Bear Necessities” any moment, it bobbed up and down and danced around. Just a great little video showing the softer side of these great animals. Makes you have quite an appreciation for the large beasts that roam the mountains, woods, and other areas of the country.

Male bears are often seen marking their territory this way. So he could be getting a pesky itch or marking his area. That occurs when bears are looking for mates. Apparently, there is a version that has music playing with it. The internet is a great place sometimes.

Your pet at home isn’t the only animal with a personality. These animals do all kinds of funny and interesting things. Although they don’t know they are being watched, every now and then their behavior is captured on video and it’s almost always fun and interesting.

Urban Bears Twice As Big As Rural Counterparts in NC

There are a lot of differences in bears. Not just in attitude and other traits, but in North Carolina, in weight. It seems that human society has had quite an effect on animals living near urban areas. How big are we talking? Twice as big. One-year-old black bears are weighing in at 100lbs when their rural cousins weigh 50.

That’s quite a difference in size for those young bears. In the western part of the state, there are 7,00-8,000 bears. So there are quite a few that are living life large, so to speak. These urban animals are getting access to gardens, fruit trees, birdseed, trash, food scraps, and other items. So, they are able to take in a ton of calories that rural bears just don’t have access to.

It is interesting to see the difference that access to people makes for these bears. They are able to pack on the pounds and probably have an easier life than bears that live more in the wilderness. Easy access to food makes for a lot less stress when trying to survive the wild. The study that was done on these animals took in 131 yearlings. Black bears do not start reproducing until around 3 years old, however, these urban beasts are reproducing at 2-years old. That is something no rural counterpart has been observed doing.