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WATCH: Massive Black Bear Breaks into Connecticut Woman’s Car, Looks Stunned When Caught

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Michael Macor/San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)

Earlier this month, a man from Cornwall, Connecticut made a frightening discovery when he found a black bear sitting in the front seat of his mother-in-law’s car. Late at night, Cody Gilotti realized that his wife’s mother’s car lights were on. However, he knew that she had already gone to bed. That’s when he found a very furry, wide-eyed intruder staring back at him from behind the windshield.

“It looked like a teenage kid that passed out in his car after a long night of party,” Gilotti joked while speaking to an NBC affiliate station. The bear seemed stunned that someone had caught him in the middle of his midnight snack break. “It was almost like a deer in headlights.”

But the comedy of the situation didn’t last very long.

“When he started moving and freaking out, the car was rocking back and forth. That’s when I was realized, hey, this bear is about to come busting out here,” Gilotti recalled.

After spotting the animal, Gilotti contacted police. Soon enough, a wildlife officer arrived and fired a bean bag at the curious black bear to scare it back into the woods. Gilotti walked away without any injuries, but unfortunately, he couldn’t say the same about his mother-in-law’s car.

Connecticut Bear Trashed Two Vehicles at the Same Property

As it turned out, his mother-in-law’s car was the second that the bear had broken into. Before the Connecticut resident realized the black bear was snooping around, it already tore through Gilotti’s own truck. Thankfully, the animal only tore up one seat where Gilotti’s daughter had dropped a cookie. Then it moved on to the next car where it did the real damage.

“Yeah, it’s completely red door panels all off. I mean, it’s, it’s shot, you know,” Gilotti said, giving a tour of the car’s interior. “You see his paw prints all over the place.”

While the destruction to the two vehicles was certainly unexpected, Gilotti understands that the bear was only following its incredible sense of smell.

“I see bears all the time,” he said. “I’m not surprised one little bit.”

That’s also why he anticipates that the black bear might return for another visit, especially after marking its territory.

Connecticut Family Asking for Donations After Black Bear Destroys Car

In the aftermath of the bizarre incident, Gilotti and his family are trying to gather the money to repair their children’s grandmother’s car. Since that fateful night, the family has created a GoFundMe page where they also shared photos of the damage.

“He absolutely destroyed the car, ripped apart two doors, shredded the head liner and back seats, etc.,” explained the fundraiser’s creator, Brittany Mosimann.

“The car is 100% beyond repair, and needs to be replaced,” she continued. “The owner of this vehicle is a loving grandmother who cares for her precious grandson during the week over an hour away from home. The temporary rental is costing an astronomical amount, and the insurance company is giving her quite the hard time over everything!”