WATCH: Massive Buck Traps Itself in Long Island Batting Cage, Rescued by Volunteers

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by MARLIN LEVISON/Star Tribune via Getty Images)

The intense footage shows animal rescue agents freeing the massive buck from an old batting cage – and the emphasis is on “intense!”

Two Strong Island Animal Rescue League agents deserve major kudos after rescuing this enormous gent. The pair came to the aid of the large male white-tailed deer Friday night after a distress call described the huge beast’s struggle with the net of a batting cage.

What follows is an incredibly tense stretch of night-time footage full of heavy breathing and close calls. This is one buck rescue these agents will surely never forget.

Flashlights in hand, the agents – Frankie and Erica of Strong Island – answer the call at a Port Jefferson residence. Within the two minutes on film, Erica ends up on her back as the buck thrashes about. The huge male is understandably and deeply frightened, and lashes out continually. Strong Island Animal Rescue estimates the buck within this rescue easily weights 250 lbs or more, easily outweighing both agents.

To aid Erica, Frankie starts cutting away the net ensnaring the buck’s antlers. Progress is slow, as the thrashing buck continues to re-tangle himself and the net on nearby obstacles.

Huge Buck Rescue Makes for Incredible Footage

Writing of the harrowing footage on their Facebook page, Strong Island describes the moments in which the “final snip” to free the buck comes.

“The final snip left the buck stunned as he stood there for a moment to take in his surroundings,” Strong Island begins. “Once he got his bearings he took off with such power that he flattened the stockade fence in front on him like a pancake.”

The sheer size and strength of the buck makes for a loud crash as he bursts through the structure – which can be heard at the end of the video.

“This rescue was intense,” Strong Island continues. “It left Frankie and Erica gasping for air and definitely left them sore this morning. We [find honor in being] anywhere near these incredible animals. Their sheer size and power is worthy of all of our respect.”

All too true. Male white-tails (bucks) typically range from over 100 up to 300 pounds. This size aids their natural strength.

In addition, these males can stand 6 to 7 feet tall at their antler crown. The largest of their species reside in the more temperate regions of the United States, as well as Canada. All bucks, however – regardless of size – should be respected as a potential danger to humans. White-tail scare easily, and will lash out if spooked or agitated. This is especially true during November rut (mating competition) in North America.

Watch the “Intense” Rescue Unfold:

Thankfully, no injuries result from this buck rescue – not even for the buck himself. Moreover, the homeowner did the right thing to prevent any further wildlife from needing rescue.

“Without Frankie and Erica saying a word, the homeowner said he would be taking the batting cage down immediately,” Strong Island adds. “He realized it should have been taken down when not in use and was thankful no damage was done to the buck.”

Well done!

The footage comes just days after this Mississippi Hunter Harvests a Record 170-Inch Public Land Buck.