WATCH: Massive Grizzly Leaves Two Others Jealous After Snatching Jumping Salmon at Katmai National Park

by Josh Lanier

Some bears have it and some bears don’t. That’s just the law of nature. And one grizzly bear proved he has it when the animal snagged a leaping salmon from the air.

Thankfully, a man caught the entire moment on camera at Brooks Falls in the Katmai National Park in Alaska.

This Fonzie of a bear left its Fozzy friends stunned as they stood in a river waiting on salmon that are swimming upstream to spawn. The grizzly bear misses on its first attempt but then proves his mettle by snagging the next fish that had the misfortune of leaping at the wrong time.

But that wasn’t enough for this bear. No, after snagging this flying fish like Willie Mays would a fly ball, the bear wanders off to enjoy its meal. The other grizzly bears were jealous, but game respects game. They couldn’t help but be a little impressed — if that’s an emotion bears are capable of. Please don’t @ me, I’m not a bearologist.

The video stops before we see if any of the other beasts were lucky enough to catch a snack, or if they were forced to watch their friend chow down on his literal catch of the day meal.

A Grizzly Sight: Bear Spotted At Olympic Venue

Aside from the massive years-long planning that has gone into the games, the Tokyo Olympic officials have had more than their fair share of problems. With COVID-19 still a major problem across the globe and beds that some complain *ahem* aren’t sturdy enough for a workout. Now, apparently, they have to find and track down a bear that was spotted wandering around one of the softball fields.

Olympic officials spotted the Asiatic black bear twice within a 24-hour period earlier this week. And so far, they haven’t been able to track it down.

A Fukushima police officer spotted the massive mammal Tuesday night and again on Wednesday morning. But the show must go on, apparently, as Japan and Australia played a qualifying game at the Azuma Sports Park later that day.

According to Sports Hochi, the Olympic guards searched for the animal Tuesday night and tried to keep it away using diversionary tactics. Some of those methods include playing loud music and setting off fireworks hoping to scare the animal into leaving.

But it showed back up because this bear likes to party. Thankfully, the bear didn’t cause any problems as the host team beat Australia 8-1.

Oddly, this isn’t the first bear someone has spotted skulking about the Olympics. Someone saw a bear in Sapporo, the host city for the marathon. But if anything, we may see record times in this Olympics marathon as there is no better motivator than a bear chasing you.