WATCH: Massive Group of Sharks Chow Down in Feeding Frenzy at North Carolina Pier

by Kati Michelle

Remember that old moniker about sharks smelling blood a mile away? Apparently, that’s actually true. Scientists say that sharks might even be able to detect a measly drop of blood from a quarter of a mile away. Perhaps that’s what happened at this North Carolina Pier that experienced a massive group of sharks as they chowed down in a feeding frenzy.

Now, it wasn’t the first frenzy of sharks they’ve had, and nor was it the biggest. Still, it’s impressive nonetheless. And the whole thing was captured on some wicked video from atop the pier.

It’s Hard to Tell Fin From Tail In This Feeding Frenzy Starring Hundreds of Sharks

Apparently the waters of Surf City, North Carolina are always teeming with schools of fish. The 937-foot-long-pier often hosts feeding frenzies for that very reason. The Surf City Ocean Pier Facebook account just posted a video of one of their most recent encounter with that. There are so many predators within the concentrated area that it’s hard to tell fin from tail. The video has unsurprisingly surpassed 160,000 views. Check it out:

“Earlier, you could feel them hitting the pier,” one person relays.

An expert on the matter, Hap Fatzinger, says the sharks were more than likely munching on two species of fish: menhaden and mullet. Hap takes the title of Director at the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher. He says local fishermen helped identify the sharks as part of the “spinner” and “blacknose” species. Apparently, the former can grow up to 9ft in length, while the latter top out around 7ft.

“What this video shows is the ocean is wild,” Fatzinger says. “It’s a natural wild location, no different than jumping off the highway in the Klondike and running into the bush. It’s a place of wild animals and to see something like this taking place is amazing.”

He continues on to offer some last pieces of wisdom: “You wouldn’t want to swim in this situation, but it shouldn’t keep people from wanting to go in the ocean.”

What’s Lurking in the Wrecks of North Carolina?

Professional diver and underwater photographer, Hal Wells sought to answer that question: What’s lurking in the wrecks of North Carolina? On one magical trip, he found a sunken U-boat completely surrounded by tiger sharks. He shared video from this trip to YouTube and you can check it out below.

He says shooting underwater, especially in North Carolina, can be difficult. “There are no other structures, or islands, off this part of the coast. It’s just a wide expanse of open ocean bottom. So the way light behaves out there is completely different to some places you might go diving. Because there are so many variables in waters like this, you really need a camera with wide dynamic range and high white balance and forgiving color science.”

This is how that footage turned out: