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WATCH: Massive Humpback Whale Body Slams Boat That Got Too Close

by Amy Myers
(Photo by LOIC VENANCE/AFP via Getty Images)

A massive humpback whale decided to show its assertiveness when a boat of watchers ventured a little too close to the giant of the sea.

In the Port of Topolobampo harbor in Sinaloa, Mexico, a small craft could only watch in awe as the humpback whale surged upwards and slammed into the boat. Four passengers sustained injuries from the incident. Thankfully, the boat stayed afloat. Likely, the group had to take a trip to the hospital to check for any major injuries. So far, though, it doesn’t seem that the incident was life-threatening for either species.

Take a look at the terrifying moment below.

According to the New York Post, the area has seen quite a few whale watchers in recent weeks. This is especially true since the arrival of the humpback whale. But this incident serves as a cautionary tale for others to keep their distance while observing aquatic animals. Although whales don’t tend to interact with humans, they will retaliate if tourists push their luck.

Humpback Whale Sends Boat Passengers Flying

In a similar incident not too far from the latest whale-human encounter, another boat suffered a similar fate when it met the literal tail-end of a bad situation. This time, five tourists on a guide boat in Mexico had to receive treatment for their injuries. While cruising on the water, a whale smacked into their vessel at full force.

“Three people were hospitalized, one of them seriously, and two others were treated at the port,” Civil Protection spokesperson Benjamin Garcia told local media.

“The whale came up from the sea and that is when it pushed the boat, with some passengers falling and suffering injuries,” he added.

Mexican Navy’s rescue unit helped transport the victims to the hospital. It is unknown if the whale suffered any substantial injuries from the incident.

In the video, you can see as the boat lifts into the air. Then, several passengers eject from their seats and land in the water.

Local authorities have launched an investigation to uncover why exactly the boat failed to keep the necessary distance from the whale. So far, there is speculation that speeding was the cause of the incident.

Unfortunately, the Australian Marine Mammal Centre stated that collisions between boats and cetaceans are increasing. With more tourists come more boats to transport them, and that means less room available for permanent residents of the water.

“As population sizes of cetaceans increase in some areas and industries such as cruise lines, shipping, oil and gas exploration continue to grow to meet human pressures and the use of pleasure craft continues expand, an increase in cetacean collision events is occurring,” they said.

“Incidents can affect cetacean populations and human life and property,” the Centre added.