WATCH: Massive Tornado Threatens New Jersey Homeowner As Hurricane Ida Moves Through Northeast

by Madison Miller

While Hurricane Ida may be gone, the remnants of the powerful tropical storm are now moving throughout the northeast.

A homeowner in New Jersey captured a massive tornado slowly moving over their home.

Tornado and Storms in New Jersey

They’re standing out on their deck to film the video, although they should likely be in the basement or anywhere else. You can see as lightning strikes around the eery black funnel and trees slant dramatically.

Multiple tornadoes, or funnel clouds that appear to look like tornadoes, were spotted in New Jersey on Wednesday evening. At the same time, the state also coped with flash floods and severe thunderstorms.

Videos online show homes and communities suffering from major damages due to the storms. According to, Gloucester County got hit particularly badly. The fire department responded to the scene to help people who were trapped in the Harrison Township.

As of now, the National Weather Service has only confirmed that one tornado has touched down in the state, despite all the video footage of dark funnel clouds on social media. Some of these funnel clouds never touched down to become an official tornado.

More Extreme Weather in the Northeast

New Jersey is amongst many states in the northeast with extreme damage from the remnants of Hurricane Ida. Flooding is a major issue in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. More than 200,000 businesses and homes are now rubble.

New York reported eight deaths in the New York City area after experiencing intense flash-flooding and a tornado warning in the Bronx. There was a state of emergency in all 21 counties of the state.

People got instructions to seek higher ground as more than three inches of rain gathered in Central Park. It’s an unprecedented amount of rain for the state. It was the first time the National Weather Service issued a flash flood emergency for New York City.

According to HuffPost, people in New York City should just stay home this morning. Transit is extremely limited and city officials continue to try to recover from the tropical storm.

Several videos from yesterday show as the underground subways drown in waves of rainwater. The subway system in New York is old and not accustomed to a downpour of rain.

In addition to the tornado in New Jersey, another touched down officially in Annapolis, Maryland. it left behind a lot of damage, as well as 2,500 people without power.

The death toll for Hurricane Ida, both in Louisiana and other areas, will continue to go up over the next few days. Search and rescue officials are still trying to find people stranded or trying to recover bodies from the destruction.